Wrap It Up to Keep It Cool!

Maintaining the food temperature till the last mile remains one of the biggest challenges of the cold chain sector. Delivering products like ice-creams, cold shakes, and other confectionery goods becomes tough as these are temperature-sensitive products. Even a minor fluctuation in the temperature can change the taste and shape of the product. Moreover, temperature-sensitive products can become pungent, which can harm consumers and your business. The best solution for such products is TESSOL’s proprietary solution – IndiWRAP. All you need to do is wrap it up to keep it cool. Read on to know more about IndiWRAP.

What is IndiWRAP?
IndiWRAP, combined with TESSOL’s proprietary phase-change technology, is an innovative packaging solution. It can be wrapped around cheese, ice-creams, shakes, and confectionery products, among others, to maintain the temperature till the last mile. It ensures that the quality, shape, and size of the temperature-sensitive goods are unaltered. For instance, if IndiWRAP is wrapped around the ice cream, consumers will get their ice cream in its original solid form and shape. This allows you to reach a broader consumer base and deliver quality food at their doorstep.

What are the steps of using IndiWRAP?
IndiWRAP is super easy and convenient to use. Here is how you put it into application:

  • Freeze the wrap in the deep freezer where frozen products are stored
  • Once frozen, tear the length of the wrap as per the size of the product
  • Wrap it around the surface area of the product and secure it with a tape
  • Put it in the brown paper bag and tape it again to ensure air tightness

That’s it! Your product is ready to deliver.

What are the features of IndiWRAP?
IndiWRAP is advantageous for your business because it has some amazing features such as:

  • Can be reused multiple times
  • Increases the delivery radius to 60+ minutes
  • Contains liquid that is non-toxic and non-flammable
  • Maintains an average temperature of -11°C
  • Comes in a unit size of 6″ x 3.5″

IndiWRAPt will keep your products safe, cool and intact till the last mile.

What are the benefits of IndiWRAP?
IndiWRAP, using TESSOL’s proprietary solutions, can do wonders in the cold chain sector as it has valuable benefits such as:

  • Improves product quality – It maintains the original shape and form of the product, keeping its quality intact
  • Provides a cost-effective option – It can be frozen in the same ice-cream freezer, plus a single-use unit is available
  • Maintains temperature performance – It maintains the temperature of ice creams, shakes, confectionery goods, and others till the last mile
  • Offers flexibility – It comes in a string form with a sign showing where to cut it from; once cut, it can be wrapped around the product

This is the most cost-effective solution to keep temperature-sensitive products cool till the last mile. TESSOL is introducing some of the finest and most efficient technologies in the cold chain sector, setting a benchmark for others in the industry. TESSOL solutions sustain not only food but also the environment. Request a quote to TESSOL and get the best deal for your cold chain transportation.

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