TESSOL – The Ultimate Environmentally-Friendly Cold Chain Solution

Cold chain involves excessive use of energy, high-voltage refrigerators, mass production of packaging materials and use of other energy-consuming resources. Also, the shipping procedure is so sensitive that minor temperature fluctuations can lead to massive food wastage. When the entire process is taken into account, we realize that it takes a massive toll on the environment. As one of the leading cold chain logistics solutions provider in India, TESSOL strives to create sustainable solutions that are recyclable and eco-friendly. Our solutions are advanced and efficient, keeping the food quality intact till the last mile and minimising food waste.

Read further to know how TESSOL’s solutions are considered environmentally friendly.

Minimizing energy usage

TESSOL’s proprietary PCM-based solutions use thermal battery technology, which is 100% fuel-free. These batteries can be charged on a regular power point, eliminating the need for high-voltage power. Further, they provide cooling for the next 1-100 hours, depending upon the application, maintaining the product quality till the last mile. This means that the batteries won’t require charging until you need to make your next delivery, nor will you have to find an alternative to maintain product temperature—one solution is enough. This minimizes the abuse of fossil fuels like diesel and drastically reduces their impact on the environment.

Eliminating vehicle dependency

Cold chain logistics includes distribution from cold storage to the distributer/wholesaler to retail stores and then finally, to the consumer. In each process, shippers require different solutions to maintain the temperature of the products. TESSOL’s proprietary solution, SWAP, includes insulated carriers and cartridges that can accommodate all kinds of products, maintaining the temperature till the last mile. Moreover, SWAP’s part compartment vehicle and PlugNChill’s multi-compartment units in eutectic vehicles can enable multiple deliveries of different temperature requirements, utilizing resources optimally. This minimizes fuel usage in vehicles, reducing the release of toxic gases into the environment.

Replacing diesel with electricity

The increasing use of diesel releases toxic gases like methane, hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide, which are responsible for greenhouse gas emissions. However, TESSOL’s proprietary solutions have replaced diesel with electricity. Our eutectic vehicles save 1000 litres of diesel per annum, i.e., saving 2.6 MT CO2 emission per vehicle. This, in turn, prevents air pollution and reduces toxic gas emissions significantly.

Reducing food waste

TESSOL’s carriers and cartridges, eutectic multi-compartment vehicles and other solutions manage to maintain varied temperatures from -25°C to +25°C until the last mile. Moreover, our asset monitoring system TAMsys helps operators monitor and get real-time updates of the condition of the product and its temperature, reducing response time and preventing potential damage. Our solutions are vehicle independent, so products are still safe in case of vehicular breakdown.

Due to such efficient, effective, sustainable and profitable solutions, we have won the Low Carbon Technology Program by UNIDO, WWF Climate Solver Award in 2014, and Global Energy Transition Award in Mobility 2017. TESSOL aims to level up cold chain supplies yet not compromise on the environment’s well-being. It is time that you, too, commit to protecting the environment. Request a quote with us to go sustainable.

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