The easiest and most effective way to ship ice cream and frozen products

Indiwrap is the best ice cream and frozen food delivery solution. Increase your delivery radius in a simple and cost-effective way and ensure product quality in every delivery with a 60-minute temperature maintenance guarantee without using any Insulation. Indiwrap is powered by our very own ‘Phase Change Material’ technology.

    Why IndiWrap

    Easy to use

    Easy to use

    Our flexible wrapper ensures the desired shape and form of the product. Just tear and wrap!

    Cost Effective

    Cost Effective

    Single-use Indiwrap unit is available + freezes in the same ice-cream freezer and it does not need any special insulation. A brown paper or thin sheet is sufficient.

    Increase Delivery Radius

    Increase Delivery Radius

    Our temperature guarantee helps you increase your delivery radius for up to 60 minutes.

    Temperature Performance

    Temperature Performance

    Maintains ice cream firm and ensures your favorite food is just perfect as you’d like it to be.


    What is the size of IndiWrap

    The indiwrap dimensions are 6” x 3.5”.

    Is IndiWrap an individual product or a string? How many pouches are available in one sring?

    Indiwrap is generally made as a string of four. However, we customize the number of packs in the string in larger volumes. You can tear each pouch as required.

    What is MOQ?

    One box contains 240 pieces.

    What temperature is needed to freeze it and maintain it, post freezing?

    The freezing and storage temperature is -18C.

    What is the shelf-life of IndiWrap?

    If kept in ambient temperatures, IndiWrap shall be good for up to a year of manufacturing

    Can we get our own branding on IndiWrap?

    Yes. The minimum order quantity is 5,00,000 pieces. We shall have our branding on the side as “powered by Tessol”.

    What is the packaging material used?

    The IndiWrap is a 3-layered laminated material to ensure high strength and sealing properties. They are manufactured on high speed, fully automated FFS machines designed specifically for this product.

    What is the material inside? Is it inflammable or toxic? Is it biodegradable?

    The IndiWrap is nontoxic and nonflammable, but not suited for human consumption. Yes, it is bio-degradable and hence it is eco-friendly. Please read the use and disposal instructions carefully before using.

    What can we expect next?

    Tessol is working on launching a wider range of IndiWrap family with different sizes and suitable for different temperatures! Look out for more details on this page !!

    indiWRAP Usage Instructions

    Do not wrap the food directly in indiWRAP™. There should be primary leakproof packaging on the food product before wrapping in indiwRAp™. indiWRAP™ contains a non-toxic and non-flammable liquid. However, it is not for human consumption. You may observe a layer of salts on the product in case of a leakage. indiWRAP™ can be reused multiple times if possible, however, Tessol does not give a multi-use guarantee on the performance of the product

    Disposal Instructions:

    1. Cut the indiwRAP™M pouch with normal scissors and drain the liquid into the kitchen sink. Wash with enough water to clean the sink.
    2. Rinse the plastic pouch in water under the tap in the sink.
    3. Dispose the plastic pouch along with recycled plastic like milk pouches etc.
    4. Wash your hands with soap and plenty of water.

    In case of a Leak in a pouch/segment, follow the below process:

    1. Immediately remove the leaking pouch from the string or product and put in a sink or a separate basket / SS basket
    2. Clean the product with cloth / Napkin. Remove any salts found on the surface of the product. If possible, was the product under running water
    3.  Wash your hands with soap and plenty of water.

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