Dedicated to Sustainable Cold Chain Technology Solutions

Viable. Reliable. Sustainable.

We engineer sustainable cold chain technology solutions to ensure that your product stays fresh and reaches the maximum number of consumers with minimal wastage, carbon footprint, and operating costs.

At the core of everything we do is our passion for Innovation. We devise solutions were none exist and enable our clients disrupt the markets they operate in. Our solutions are eco –friendly & sustainable, and preserve not just our customer products, but also the environments in which they operate in. Solutions designed by us offer multi-use flexibility, prevent product damage and reduce the carbon emissions. Through a holistic approach across multiple dimensions, we have in a very short span of time, enabled over 100 brands – big and small – grow and expand their horizons. For us, the journey has just begun.

We are a globally recognized Indian start-up that aims to solve the last-mile distribution problem in India. Last mile distribution of temperature-sensitive products is a huge challenge in India and other developing economies because of the lack of reliable options and the high cost incurred on cold chain transport. Tessol aims to address this problem by making last mile cold chain accessible and viable for all.

3 Million

Tons of food wastage prevented

Food Wastage

$940 B is the economic loss per year due to food loss and waste

1 Million

Tons of GHG emission reduced

GHG Emission

Reduced GHG emission every time a reefer alternative is selected


Operating costs reduced

Operating Cost

Low fuel usage and increased reach of delivery

1 Billion

Units of fresh food delivered across 4 countries

Fresh Food

Protect the quality and integrity of the products across cold chain

Our Quality Policy

We at TESSOL are committed to provide  Sustainable, Reliable & Viable cold chain solution technology to our customer by adhering to all the applicable requirements & through continually improving the effectiveness of our QMS.

ISO Certified

Tessol ISO
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