Cold Chain Solutions for Pharma

Cold Chain Shipping Solutions for Pharmaceutical Distribution

Tessol solutions enable Pharmaceutical companies to deliver high-quality medicines and vaccines with less wastage and operational costs. Our range of solutions help the Pharma companies in:

Vaccine storage

Vaccine transport

Temperature monitoring

Cold Chain Offerings for Pharma

Passive Cooled Boxes

Easy to use multi-purpose passive boxes of 2-8°C and -20°C. 90+ Hours duration.

Product Features

  • Box Sizes customizable – 4 to 70 liters*
  • Designed retention time for 90+ hours
  • Uses Engineered Phase Change Materials (PCM)
  • Easy to use (with no stringent SOPs)
  • Special box design ensures low cost with multiple use capability
  • Integrated with monitoring capability (optional)

Product Applications

  • +2-8 °c box for 90+ hour duration
  • -20oc box for 90+ hour duration

Low Temperature Freezers Banks For Cartridge Freezing

Reach in standard blast freezers for -40°C and -20°C installed across locations in India.

Product Features

  • Maintain a -20 and a -40 deg C temperature in the enclosure
  • Modular and easy to install (Plug and Play)
  • High capacity and rapid pull down of temperature
  • Reduction in PCM pad freezing from 48-72 hours to 8 hours.

Product Applications

  • Low-temperature storage at hubs and central distribution locations
  • Used for gel pack / Frozen pack  rapid freezing

Passive Cooled Bags

Multi Use Passive Cooled boxes of 2-8°C and -20°C with up to 10-12 hours retention with optional remote monitoring capability.

Product Features

  • Bag Sizes – 4/10 and 30 liters
  • Designed retention time upto 12-14 hours
  • Uses engineered Phase Change Materials (PCM) and extremely easy to use (no stringent SOPs)
  • Integrated with monitoring capability

Product Applications

  • Vaccine movement from distribution center to hospitals / mobile clinics
  • Bike deliveries to pharmacies from distributors.

Low Cost Remote Monitoring Solution

Wireless and battery-operated remote monitor that uses the phone as a hub for communicating with cloud.


Product Features

  • Wireless DIY unit with integrated battery
  • Stores data upto 20 days
  • Uses phone app as a hub for communication – extremely easy to implement and scale up
  • Does NOT require sim card / wifi / USB / Computer etc. – only a simple smartphone
  • Gathers Location data from the phone of the user

Product Applications

  • Monitoring all stationary and mobile units
  • Extremely easy to deploy in last-mile delivery bags/boxes to monitor compliance
  • Ready to Scale up
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