Real-time & wireless-based temperature monitoring platform

Assure Superior Food Quality with Real-Time Temperature Monitoring Across the Cold Chain

TAMsys® is a real-time wireless-based temperature monitoring platform that gives you 100% visibility and control over temperature management across your cold chain. This simple-to-implement platform is designed to centrally manage the temperature so that your products are neither spoiled nor wasted during cold chain logistics.

    TAMsys Tessol

    Asset deployment across the value chain

    TAMsys Tessol Asset Deployment

    Loaded with features and benefits

    Monitor your complete distribution network

    Get facility and asset wise reports

    Real-time alerts on temperature deviations

    Improve ice cream quality and shelf life

    Fit and forget devices with long battery life

    Cost-effective, easy to deploy and scale

    Monitor throughout the cold chain

    Vehicle Monitoring

    Temperature, door sensing & location sensing for reefers, and delivery vans

    Cold Room Monitoring

    Multi-point temperature, door sensing and system status of Cold Rooms

    Freezer Monitoring

    The temperature of chest freezers and deep freezers

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