Sustainable Cold Chain Technology Expertise 

Pioneers in PCM Technology

Tessol’s innovative PCM technology solutions are based on award-winning, proprietary thermal storage technology, which is 100% fuel-free and environment-friendly. Our solutions can be customized to volumes ranging from 5 liters (a last-mile delivery bag) to 10 tons (a 20 feet full-size truck), guaranteeing consistency and continuity of the cold chain from farm to fork.


Fuel-Free Refrigeration Systems


Central Charging Stations & Carriers


Wireless Temperature Monitoring Platform

PlugnChill is a plug-and-play technology that runs on proprietary thermal batteries and chargers. It is vehicle independent and does not depend on fuel. The batteries are charged from a regular power point for 5-6 hours and maintain desired temperatures for 10-12 hours. The application relies on advanced phase change materials, heat exchangers and chargers with advanced controls.

Advanced Phase Change Materials (PCMs)

PCMs  have engineered chemicals  that :

  • Change phase across a specific temperature
  • Store a large amount of latent energy
  • Show high repeatability between 1000-3000 freezing-melting cycles
  • Are inorganic in nature, non-flammable and non-toxic.

The figure shows a phase change characteristics graph of our frozen PCM, which changes phase at -31oC. Our range for cold chain contains multiple temperatures ranging between +1oC and -31oC.

PCM Heat exchangers and Chargers

Tessol has several years of research on freezing and melting patterns of Phase change materials. It has developed its series of heat exchangers and chargers that have some significant differentiators:

  • Lower charging time through a specialized internal circuit design offering a large range of discharge rates and temperature applications
  • High powered chargers developed for use in high ambient and harsh conditions
    Our PCM heat exchangers that are characterized in detail and encoded in a software. This gives

Tessol can replicate virtually any internal temperature requirement across all application ranges. Tessol has data from more than 1000 tests done across temperatures and encapsulations and has years of field data that enables superior results from deployments.

The SWAP range enables cold chain to be maintained towards the end of the supply chain and is intended for capacities less than 1 ton to a 5 litre box. It is applicable for fresh, frozen and chilled applications and is ideal for tertiary and home delivery applications. The main components are charging stations, carriers and cartridges.

Central Charging Stations

For its SWAP product Range, TESSOL has created a full range of Fast and efficient Central Chargers. These freezers use low temperature freezing technology in a small confined space in order to freeze PCM cartridges in a short time duration. There are additional design controls that are critical to maintain the consistency of results for cartridge freezing and warehouse operations.

Insulated Carriers and Cartridges

TESSOL has built a range of Insulated carriers – easily sanitized boxes with HIPS cladding, Bags with food grade lining and other rotomolded products combined with specially designed PCM cartridges to replicate a specific temperature performance for the customer. The cartridges have specially designed airflow paths to ensure uniform performance across the bags. The bags are designed with a high-grade closed-cell polymer which is easily recyclable. Some products are as under:

Home delivery (chilled & frozen) temperature performance

Our home delivery products are intended to maintain the safety and quality of products when they reach the end customer. They can be used for fresh, frozen and chilled applications. Based on the SWAP technology, they guarantee prolonged temperature performance, are light and easily sanitized.
TAMsys is an asset management platform that works across a large range of devices (device agnostic) and manages your asset classes ranging from Cold rooms to vehicle to last mile boxes. TAMsys is developed on a scalable backend architecture and integrates the hardware, software and the operations of a customer cold chain.
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