Guide to Green Cooling

A new report from the Capgemini Research Institute suggests that the aftermath of COVID-19 saw 68% of consumers willing to purchase a more sustainable product. Plus, 72% of consumers in the age 25-35 group felt happy to buy sustainable products. Such statistics have encouraged the finest companies, including Marico, ASICS, Nestle India, Coca-Cola, and PepsiCo, to opt for 100% recyclable solutions by 2025. This reveals how sustainable solutions have become a necessity for brands as it significantly influences consumers’ buying behaviour. However, some brands have already implemented sustainable goals, while others struggle to figure out ways. Here is a guide to switching to green solutions in the cold chain industry.

Opt for flexible bags

Using smaller and adequate packaging is one of the foremost steps toward sustainability. For this, you can use smaller bags, containers and boxes for your products. The idea is to use solutions effectively to avoid wastage, which eventually helps you reduce your ecological footprint. Along with environmental benefits, it saves your money by cutting down the shipping costs. For example, use flexible bags that can fit products of all shapes and sizes, like TESSOL’s proprietary carrier boxes and cartridges. Moreover, these boxes and cartridges can be used in primary as well as tertiary distribution. It’s customisable and has a retention time of 90+ hours, keeping the product frozen and fresh.

Use recyclable solutions

It is time to replace your traditional solutions with more sustainable and advanced ones. Ensure that the containers, bags, boxes or cartridges you use are manufactured using lightweight and recyclable components, which makes it easier to recycle the waste. For instance, you can use food-grade lining materials that are non-toxic and therefore safe for humans and the environment or TESSOL’s bags—as they are designed with a high grade closed cell polymer, which is easily recyclable. Additionally, technologies like IndiWrap are ideal for the packaging of ice creams and other frozen products as it is not only recyclable but also maintains the temperature of the food products, thus avoiding wastage.

Switch to vehicle independent technology

Imagine you are shipping vaccines, and suddenly, your truck’s engine stops functioning. What will happen? The vaccines will be wasted if your solution depends on the engine’s function. Instead, switch to independent vehicle solutions, as TESSOL provides. Our solutions are powered by electricity and are not dependent on the vehicle engine, saving the environment 2.6 MT carbon dioxide emissions per vehicle and saving you close to 1000 litres of diesel per annum. This will help cut down on fuel costs by 60% and prevent wastage.

The cold chain industry is dramatically changing and introducing groundbreaking solutions for a sustainable future. A company like TESSOL is adapting to this change and providing sustainable solutions. Our top-notch technologies are designed to reduce carbon footprint and are reusable, helping your brand achieve sustainable goals. So, connect with us now.

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