5 Things That Never Get Old in Cold Chain Management

Quality and innovation are the foundations of cold chain management. They determine the success and failure of the business. Nowadays, customers are more aware and serious about the quality and transparency of the product. This has led third-party logistics to closely work with packaging solutions and incorporate leading technology that caters to specific temperature needs. While this change is consistent, here’s what never get old in cold chain management:

1.    Demand for quality products

Customers are getting conscious about what they are consuming and closely judging the quality and experience. However, the quality entirely depends on the cold chain solutions used while shipping. It is essential to make sure that carriers successfully fulfill the different temperature requirements of meat, confectioneries, horticulture and pharmaceutical products—so that customers get the quality they are expecting.

2.    Cold chain solutions for food wastage

An efficient cold chain system extends the lifecycle of perishable food using technology to expand the marketable time of the product for a longer duration. Thus, building a cold chain network is becoming increasingly popular to link production centres to the customers via centralized distribution channels that ensure last mile delivery of the products in the desired quality and quantity.

3.    Change in regulations

There is constant change in the rules and regulations of cold chain management to maintain quality, safety and the environment. It focuses on the shipping process and documentation of each step for transparency. Moreover, it sets rules and standards for analysing hazards and risks and planning preventive measures. It also introduces new beneficial projects in favour of cold chain management like Value Addition and Preservation Infrastructure, so that the best is delivered.

4.    Game-changing solutions

Cold chain industries invent sustainable solutions to deliver quality products to the end consumer. The top-notch solutions ensure that the food and pharma products’ temperature is maintained throughout the shipping and the preventive measures are ready in case of temperature drop. Additionally, companies prefer recyclable and reusable solutions to cut down investment costs and maintain environmental integrity. For instance, TESSOL offers PCM technologies that are insulated, recyclable, run on thermal batteries and are 100% fuel free.

5.    Hiring third party logistics

The cold chain process is complex and requires expertise to ensure smooth operation. Many organisations are hiring third-party logistics providers as they offer integrated solutions. From A-grade packaging solutions to transparency from farm to fork, third-party logistics provide everything and carry operations effortlessly. They minimize the potential wastage and loss and allow you to save money and enhance the business in the long run.

The end goal of any business is to live up to customers’ standards, win their trust and gain brand loyalty. And the key to this goal is to use the finest technologies that never compromise quality and smoothly complete the cold chain operation. You can connect with TESSOL for cold chain-related services.

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