Think Beyond the Reefer!

Did you know that a healthy environment determines the smooth operation of cold chain supply? Unpredictable climatic conditions can lead to a temperature drop and thereby, wastage of food and money. Cold chain management requires extensive energy to cater to the temperature requirements of perishable and pharmaceutical products. The extensive energy consumption can pressure resources and damage the environment, ultimately affecting the cold chain. This vicious cycle affects the vast ecosystem of the cold chain as they are both intricately linked. Thus, TESSOL offers revolutionary solutions to the reefer, and they are PCM-based eutectic vehicles. Know how eutectic vehicles can benefit you:

Provides eco-friendly alternatives

Eutectic vehicles are designed to optimize energy consumption with minimal environmental harm. TESSOL’s proprietary solution PlugNChill is vehicle independent, so drivers can switch off the engine when not required, and yet, the temperature would not drop. Since it is vehicle-independent, it does not require extra diesel to function. Instead, it uses thermal batteries to get charged, reducing the carbon footprint and emissions and maintaining the environment.

Minimises wastage

As mentioned, eutectic systems are vehicle independent; therefore, in case of vehicle breakdown, the cool temperature remains unaltered. Moreover, it is equipped with advanced phase change materials that can maintain temperature throughout the shipment, multiple deliveries and loading and unloading process. This minimises waste and keeps the perishable foods’ color, texture and taste intact. Additionally, these vehicles are ideal for shipping pharmaceutical products as they can maintain the temperature for 10+ hours.

Performs better

The eutectic system can be placed in all vehicles as it performs uniformly regardless of engine size. This is because the system stores the required amount of energy in the container that maintains the same temperature in all sizes of engines. Moreover, their temperature is always lower than desired, so it is easier to pull down the temperature with these systems rather than the conventional vehicles. Eutectic vehicles never fail to deliver fresh, frozen and quality food to the end consumers.

Saves 60% operation cost

The eutectic system does not consume any diesel as it is not connected to the engine and is easily charged by thermal batteries. Needless to add, these batteries can be plugged in a regular power point instead of high-voltage charging stations. Moreover, for an 8 to 10 feet vehicle, they consume only 8-25 units per day, which means its daily cost would be between 80 to 250. On the other hand, the same size reefer vehicle consumes 5-12 liter fuel for an 8-10 hour trip, which means its daily cost would be between 250 to 600 per day. This reveals that the eutectic system saves 60% operation costs and displaces 15,000 liters of diesel over its lifetime.

TESSOL not only acknowledges the repercussions of harming the environment but also offers effective and sustainable solutions. Moreover, adopting our environmentally friendly solutions will not only benefit your brand’s personality but also get you more customers. Connect with us and be a part of the change you have always wanted to make.

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