Revolutionizing The Perishable Food Market: Innovations In Cold Chain Logistics

PCM technology-based solutions offer a possibility of disruption in the cold chain logistics industry enabling food processors and retailers to expand their footprint in the market.

Global consumer behaviour has transformed while battling the gravest of the health crisis the world has ever seen.There is an increased preference for digital and home delivered shopping along with being a heightened consciousness for price, eco-friendly, healthy and locally procured things. PWC’s Global Consumer Insights Survey (June 2021) found that some of these trends were already in motion and got accelerated during the pandemic; and are now here to stay. Many customers who earlier enjoyed walking into a store to grabtheir groceries, now prefer to have them doorstep delivered. Businesses have been forced to cater to this increased demand to ensure their own sustenance and viability. But the shift hasn’t come easy for them.

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