Over billion tonnes of food wasted every year

Food wastage is a huge issue globally with over billion tonnes of food wasted every year

Food wastage is a huge issue globally with over billion tonnes of food wasted every year. In fact, in developing countries it is known that 40% of food and agricultural products go to waste before reaching the market, in spite of food distribution being an INR 111 BN opportunity growing at a CAGR OF 21%.

If this wasn’t bad enough, wastage in food products leads to the emission of GHGs and is known to be one of the biggest reasons for it. It is hence crucial to implement strict transportation solutions while transporting food and agricultural products. 

One of the biggest reasons for food wastage during transportation is because of the temperature at which the food is stored. Temperature sensitive items need to be stored at the right temperature with the right technology. Factors such as traffic, indian ambient conditions play a huge role in determining if the consignment gets shipped without damage. 

Using PCM technology  during the transportation of food items is highly beneficial as it is fuel and engine independent. For example, if the consignment truck is stuck in heavy traffic, PCMs being engine independent, do not affect the food items if the engine is for whatever reason turned off. Tessol’s PCMs are charged for 5 hours at our warehouse and can be used for 8-12 hours a day.

At Tessol, we offer various solutions for the transportation of food. Our central chargers, charge our PCMs at the required temperature. Post this, the PCMs are placed in our storage boxes which maintains the temperature throughout for last mile deliveries. 

Let’s take a deeper look into our secondary and tertiary delivery solutions. Our eutectic vehicles are ideal for deliveries made up to 12-14 hours and work with temperatures as low as -25C for ice cream to temperatures as high as +16C to +25C for chocolates. Our vehicles are engine independent and therefore in spite of  high traffic and multiple drops, provide desired temperatures across the -25OC to +25OC range.

Our tertiary solutions offer a combination of frozen chilled and fresh products. Our tertiary solutions are ideal for multi-use, multi-deliveries and variable quantities optimized for your needs. Our proprietary PCM solutions offer reduced operation costs, reliable temperatures and multi compartmentalisation. 

Our compartments also offer a much larger number of openings and deliveries – something that cannot be done in a conventional unit.

Tessol also offers PLUG N CHILL units. How it works is, a charger which is mounted on a container contains a compressor. The compressor runs on electricity which charges the PCM, filled in heat exchanger plates. Once the compressor enables PCM to arrive at a desired temperature, the desired temperature gets maintained in the vehicle for a prolonged period of time ( 10 to 12 hours, depending upon the number of drops). 

We also specialise in ice cream solutions having worked with brands like Vadilal, where our ultra cool trucks are charged to the required temperature post which the ice cream containers are placed inside. These trucks have a retention capacity of up to 12 hours and ensure that the ice cream is delivered at the correct temperature, with no damage. Along with this, Tessol’s proprietary IndiWrap solutions are ideal for last mile deliveries. IndiWrap is easy to use, cost effective and helps increase the delivery radius by 60+ minutes and maintains temperature of the ice cream throughout the delivery process! 

To add to this we also offer a real time monitoring service called TAMsys. Through TAMsys you will be able to determine the temperature of the consignment throughout the delivery process. This is especially useful as in case of a change in temperature during transportation you will be able to save the consignment and provide timely solutions to avoid damage. 

Tessol has successfully worked with brands such as Reliance, Mondelez, Vadilal,Sarda farms, Amul, Groffers and Godrej to name a few. We have also worked internationally and have been recognised for our efforts in sustainability when we powered New Zealand’s first ever zero emission van! 

Be a part of a better, cost effective, and sustainable future with Tessol, and our solutions to reduce food wastage, be it inter city or retail transport. 

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