How to Make Cold Chain Effective

No matter how the internet and connectivity have made the world closer and smaller, the physical distance remains unsolved for cold chain transportation. During transportation, challenges like temperature alterations, chemical reactions, weather changes and others can damage the product. Delivering products of pharmaceutical, medical and food industries across boundaries requires advanced technologies. Below is the list of technologies that make cold chains effective.

1.    Dry ice

Dry ice is extremely cold with -78.5 to -109.3°C temperatures. It was once ideal for perishable products like vaccines, sensitive medicines, ice-creams, and other frozen food, but due to its nature of emitting high levels of carbon dioxide, this technology was soon replaced by PCM alternatives.

2.    Gel packs

Medicinal and pharmaceutical products require a temperature range between 2° and 8° C, and gel packs are the ultimate solution to maintain the temperature. It contains phase changing substances, meaning it can transit from solid to liquid and vice-versa to control the environment.

3.    Refeers

It is a generic name for a temperature-controlled transport unit, like trucks, vans, or semi-trailer containers. These vehicles are incorporated with refrigeration systems to maintain the temperature during transportation. A solution like TESSOL’s Plug N Chill fuel-free refrigeration system is the best example of referees. Plug N Chill runs on proprietary thermal batteries and chargers and is vehicle independent. This means, if your vehicle breaks down, the temperature won’t be affected.

4.    Logistics Monitoring System

A monitoring system can play a critical role in managing temperature during delivery. TESSOL’s TAMsys plays a vital role not just in monitoring the transport progress but also in ensuring that the right temperature is maintained. This prevents emergency situations caused by poor temperature control from arising.

5.    TESSOL solutions

Using different solutions can be expensive; instead, TESSOL proprietary solutions are all in one package. For instance, carriers and cartridges can replace the gel pack as their freezers quickly freeze the cartridges. Plus, in cartridges, the airflow paths are designed in such a way that it gives consistent performance across the bags. Also, Plug N Chill solutions, like phase change materials, heat exchangers, and more, leveraged by backend architecture TAMsys make cold transportation effective. Additionally, the SWAP range enables cold chain to be maintained towards the end of the supply chain and can be used for fresh, frozen and chilled applications.

The technologies mentioned above are the ultimate solution to control temperature. TESSOL- a leading company in cold chain sectors, provides the best temperature-control technology solutions. They are not only award-winning but also environmentally friendly. So contact us for the top-notch cold chain solution and expand your business across the boundaries.

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