How Good Cold Chain Supply Can Make or Break Your Meat/Seafood

The consumer needs and expectations, in terms of product quality and e-commerce shopping, is changing rapidly. Earlier, people used to go to the supermarket to buy meat, but ever since the COVID-19 pandemic, online shopping is at its peak. However, consumers now are more aware of the quality and freshness of food. Therefore, they expect fresh and quality products delivered to their doorstep. This requires an efficient technology that will store, pack, and carry the meat and fish and keep its quality intact till the end consumer. Any negligence in the packing, storage or temperature drop can degrade the quality and lead to massive wastage and loss. To avoid this loss and improve the cold chain supply, Tessol has come up with incredible thermal storage based  solutions. Read on to know more about PMC that can make or break your meat/seafood.

Maintaining the temperature

Meat and seafood needs to be stored at -18°C, and any fluctuation in the temperature can affect the quality of the food. The cold chain suppliers have to load this food from storage to trucks to retail freezer to end consumer. And in this process, the food is exposed to many dangers, like temperature drops, improper packages, and many others. In addition, the opening and closing of trucks can reduce their temperatures, which can directly affect the food quality. Therefore, maintaining the temperature is the biggest challenge, which is solved by TESSOL’s PlugNChill and SWAP technology. PlugNChill is a solution independent of vehicle engine and runs on thermal batteries. Therefore, in case of a vehicle breakdown or accident, the product will be safe and secured. Also, temperature drops due to multiple deliveries, frequent loading and unloading can be recovered faster, using PlugNChill. Tessol also provides insulated carriers and boxes to ensure that the food is frozen and fresh till the last mile based on SWAP technology. Bags  and cartridges based on this technology are designed to maintain a specific temperature and give uniform performance across the bags. This keeps the meat and fish fresh till the end consumer.

Tracking from farm to fork

During transportation, the food is exposed to many dangers, like vehicle breakdown, weather changes, delay in delivery, tilting or tampering of food, which can affect the quality of food. This can be controlled by installing TAMsys; its devices collect and integrate the information and update it to the operator. It gives real-time data and updates about the product and weather conditions. This allows the operator to take immediate decisions in case of any issues. In addition, TAMsys allows the consumers to track their product and know from where it is dispatched and how it is delivered. This enables them to update the delivery people in case of any address changes. Installing this technology can improve your cold chain significantly.

Tessol has changed the face of cold chain management by installing thermal energy based PCM solutions. These technologies have made the cold chain system efficient and reliable, while maintaining the quality and freshness of food till the last mile. For further inquiry, contact Tessol.

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