Good Cold Chain Supply Systems Are All About Temperature Control

Inefficient supply chains are the cause of a rise in the hunger ratio.To be specific, India wastes 16% of fruits and vegetables and 10% of oil seeds, pulses and cereals. The wastage happens because perishable food needs to be kept at a particular temperature to maintain its quality and texture. When some technologies are not advanced enough to maintain the temperature for long distances, the food gets spoiled before reaching its destination. With top-notch technology, temperature variation can be controlled and tracked all the time. Below, we have mentioned some steps that can be taken to maintain temperature and avoid wastage of food.

Install temperature-controlled technology

Perishable goods are taken from their origin, kept in the cold storage room, then loaded in a vehicle that travels long or short distances. Once they reach their destination, they are unloaded either in the storage or directly in the bazaar, shop, etc. From there, the tertiary distributions take place. The loading-unloading, travelling through different weather conditions, constant opening and closing of vehicles can drop the temperature of the goods. To avoid this, companies are installing temperature-controlled solutions based on thermal battery technology. For example, the SWAP technology by TESSOL consists of central chargers and insulated carriers and cartridges. Central chargers efficiently freeze cartridges in a short time to maintain consistency of temperature. Plus, the carriers and cartridges are insulated, can be easily sanitized, and keep the required temperature intact throughout the journey. Another option is the PlugNChill technology, which is a fuel-free refrigeration system, i.e., it runs on proprietary thermal batteries and chargers. Thus, it proves to be advantageous as it is vehicle-independent and contains multiple temperatures ranging between +25°C to -25°C. This means, from seafood and pharma to fruits and vegetables, TESSOL’s technology succeeds in fulfilling multiple temperature requirements.

Monitor the supply system

From farm to fork, products are transported under different conditions and can face many challenges. For example, changes in the weather, temperature drops, tilting of foods, damages in packaging, etc. If these issues are not fixed on time, then food is likely to be spoiled. The best solution is to monitor the entire supply chain system with TAMsys by TESSOL. It gives them real-time data on the condition of the product, predicts weather conditions and other parametres, and updates about the internal and external temperature. This allows the operator to take immediate action and inform transporters in case any problem arises. This information can be accessed through the phone, which makes it convenient for the supply chain system. TAMsys, combined with other thermal battery technology, can ensure temperature control and keep the products fresh and frozen till the last mile.

Today, the cold chain system has evolved significantly, and with time, it is bridging the gaps in the system with innovations. This consequently benefits industries like pharmaceuticals and horticulture, among others. They have found reliable solutions to increase their business and minimize losses, but have you? If not, then contact TESSOL. They are experienced and well-equipped with top-notch technology that helps them deliver quality service.

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