Future Trends In Cold Chain Storage And Distribution

The cold chain sector is expected to reach a value of USD 340.3 billion by 2025. This increasing leaning towards the cold chain has made the sector bridge the traditional and modern requirements gap. The cold chain is keeping up with changing trends and expectations by innovating and employing advanced technologies. This enabled the industry to improve storage and distribution facilities, and consequently, their business. Read on to know more about future trends in cold chain storage and distribution.
Smart warehousing
Intelligent warehousing is integrated with advanced technologies that enhance the efficiency and productivity of the work while minimizing errors. The smart warehouse has an ecosystem of technology that automatically identifies, receives, sorts, organizes, and pulls shipments. It’s like it brings the warehouse to life and completes the tasks without any human interference.

Temperature-controlled warehousing
Cold chain stores and distributes different kinds of products that have distinct temperature requirements. Temperature-controlled warehousing with proper cooling and heating systems keeps the quality of the perishable shipment intact. This is enabled by incorporating an advanced warehouse management system that monitors the warehouse and gives real-time data of temperature and other factors that could affect the product. This enhances the efficiency of storage operations.

Information technology
Information technology is almost in every industry, making the flow of each work easy and effective. In the cold chain sector, information technology gives real-time data of various supply chain stages, enabling operators to plan further action and make a concrete decision for the flow. IT provides tools that impart crucial data, which becomes the base of the supply chain.

Internet of Things (IoT)
The Internet of Things is a vast ecosystem of technologies that consists of sensors, processors and communication hardware. These devices are embedded in storage, distributing and packaging, and it gives information about the product’s condition and the environment or temperature around, eliminating the potential of errors.

TESSOL – a trend that is already leading the market
To keep up with the trend, switch to TESSOL proprietary solutions – Plug N Chill, SWAP, and TAMsys as they are the future of the cold chain industry. To begin with, Plug N Chill vehicle independent technology, advanced phase change materials, heat exchangers and chargers maintains the temperature of your products throughout the distribution. SWAP’s freezers are designed to cool the cartridges in a short time, plus their carriers and cartridges are insulated, sanitized and keep the food frozen till the last mile. The backbone of cold chain flow is TAMsys – an asset monitoring system that gives real-time data of temperature and products’ condition and ensures smooth flow till the last mile.

TESSOL solutions is more than a trend; for our partners, we have become an integral part of their operations to stay ahead of the survey. Our advanced solutions will set the trend for others in the market. Its proprietary technologies enhance the efficiency of cold chain flow and allow you to expand your business by eliminating the worry about cold chain facilities. It is time you choose the best for your business, and to do so, contact us.

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