Delivering Fresh Meat Needs Effective Cold Chain Solutions

According to research, India produces 6.3 million tons of meat annually and ranks fifth in terms of meat production. Not only this, the consumption rate of meat was over 3.9 million in 2020. However, temperature requirements for meat while storing and delivering remain the biggest challenge due to its short shelf life. Meat needs to be kept at a temperature lower than -18°C to keep its quality and freshness intact. Any temperature variation in the distribution chain can spoil the meat. For fresh meat needs, suppliers need to be equipped with effective cold chain solutions. We have explored some of these solutions below:

Incorporating temperature control solutions

Meat distribution takes place across boundaries and maintaining the packaging and vehicle temperature throughout the distribution process, especially for long distances, can be difficult. Several things happen during the distribution process that can disrupt the temperature such as loading and unloading, frequent opening of doors, and weather changes while transporting. These factors can result in a temperature drop. The best solution to these issues is to incorporate thermal battery technology like TESSOL’s PlugnChill and SWAP. PlugnChill is engineered to change phase across specific temperatures and contains multiple temperatures ranging between +25°C and -25°C. It is also vehicle independent. So, if your vehicle breaks down during transportation, there won’t be any temperature drop; and the meat will still be in cold storage. SWAP technology, on the other hand, includes carriers and cartridges that have specially designed air flow paths to ensure uniform performance across the bags. The bags are designed with a high grade closed cell polymer, which is easily recyclable. This allows transporters to deliver frozen, fresh meat till the last mile. By incorporating temperature control solutions, the supply chain system will get more efficient and help the industry grow.

Tracking supply chain

As mentioned before, meat is supplied across boundaries and during transportation, the product can tilt, plus there can be a change of weather, road blockage, temperature drop, and many other challenges. However, supply chain technology has advanced significantly, and it gives the chance to track the entire supply chain closely. For instance, with TESSOL’s TAMsys, the operator can track any weather changes and update about the product and temperature conditions. This real-time data allows the operator to take immediate corrective action in case they identify any issues. This way, they can prevent any spoilage and financial losses. With these solutions, the suppliers can build a strong base and infrastructure that is required to make the cold chain management flawless.

Implementing effective cold chain solutions will increase the sales rate and minimize food wastage. TESSOL provides top-notch technology that monitors the supply chain and various temperature performances. To request a quote, click here.

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