5 Factors That Determine Cold Chain Packaging

Packaging is the most crucial task in cold chain management as the shipments are transported to different regions, states and sometimes countries. Plus, the factors like climate change, inconsistent temperature, accidents, and many others cause danger to these shipments. Specifically, pharmaceutical medicines and vaccines are highly temperature-sensitive and require ultra low-temperature of -20°C to -80°C. To fulfil the need for pharmaceutical and other perishable goods and advanced packaging. This article will explore the factors that determine to package and also acquaint you with cutting-edge solutions.

  1. Cost-efficient :

    Some packaging materials are non-reusable, and buying or investing the packaging material every time shoots up the expenses. Some owners prefer this, while others compromise on the packaging in order to cut the cost, but that can lead to wastage or damage, eventually resulting in a loss. However, technology has changed with time, and many third-party logistics providers offer reusable packaging, like TESSOL. This cuts down your cost to some extent yet provides quality, reliability and original shipments.

  2. Safety :

    Safety is the prominent factor of packaging as cold chain supplies include not only perishable food products but also medicines and vaccines. Needless to add, pharma products are sensitive and vulnerable; even minor mistakes can waste the entire medicine or worse, they can become hazardous. Also, meat can form bacteria if not kept in cold storage, making it uneatable. Therefore, the packaging ensures safety and maintains the temperature of the product till the last mile.

  3. Distance :

    Cold chain businesses are growing substantially and across the globe, which is possible due to top-notch solutions and technologies. Be it across the region, state, city or country – packaging becomes critical. For instance, shipping to another country means entering a new climate zone, and this can cause temperature drop or inconsistency, damaging the product. That is why advanced packaging ensures that the product is secure till the last stage.

  4. Environmentally friendly :

    People are taking global warming seriously and are becoming more conscious about their choices. They prefer products whose farm to fork process is environmentally friendly, which has reshaped the cold chain process and third-party providers solutions, meaning they prefer ecologically friendly materials. For example, TESSOL provides solutions, like thermal storage technology that is 100% fuel-free, reducing carbon footprint.

  5. All-in-one solution :

    Cold chain suppliers have to consider all the factors for a smooth flow in the supply chain, and one solution for all the elements is – TESSOL. We have advanced packaging proprietary solutions, like SWAP, PLug N Chill and TAMsys. These consist of container bags that are designed with high-grade closed-cell polymer, and they are also recyclable. Plus, the cartridges have air flow paths to ensure consistent performance across bags. Moreover, we have freezers, advanced phase change materials, thermal

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