5 Benefits of PCM-Based Trucks and Freezers

Cold chain management contributes to a growing economy and ensures public and food safety. This wouldn’t be possible without incorporating advanced technologies in cold chain logistics. TESSOL, a leading company in this field, introduced optimal solutions like PCM (Phase Change Materials)-based trucks, freezers and cartridges. These solutions effortlessly cater to different temperature needs and are ideal for the environment. Check out some fantastic benefits of PCM-based trucks, freezers and boxes:

  1. Environmentally friendly
    PCM-based solutions have now replaced diesel-based vehicles. With a similar output to reefer trucks, these solutions prove to be environmentally friendly due to the lack of fuel use, while reducing operation costs by 60%. Our eutectic vehicles are 100% fuel-free and equipped with thermal batteries that reduce power usage. Moreover, these batteries only need charging for five to six hours and go on to function for 10–12 hours straight, optimizing the use of resources.
  2. Made of recycled and reusable materials
    We use recyclable materials, which allows us to conserve limited resources, protect our environment, and promote energy efficiency. Our SWAP carriers and cartridges are built with high-grade closed-cell polymer, which can be easily recycled. Along with this, our freezers can be used multiple times, imparting the same level of performance. Even the cartridges and carriers can be used for multiple deliveries as they have a high-quality finish, uniform wall thickness and high stability.
  3. Temperature compliant till the last mile
    Our solutions are designed to fulfill different temperature needs. Here are some of the SWAP and PlugNChill solutions and their functions:
    Freezers – They quickly pull down the temperature.
    Carriers and cartridges – They are designed with rotomolded products that provide uniform flow and maintain specific temperature till the last mile.
    Eutectic vehicles – They carry chilly, frozen and ambient products all at once.
    Advanced PCM – They change phases across a specific temperature.
    These allow us to retain the products’ quality and integrity by maintaining their temperature till the last mile.
  4. Vehicle-independent
    The PlugNChill technology is vehicle independent and fuel-free, which means that if the vehicle’s engine is turned off during traffic or at a stop, the products’ temperature won’t be affected for nearly 10-12 hours. Thus, PlugNChill combined with SWAP solutions are reliable for long-distance shipping and you would never have to worry about temperature drops or investing in fuel.
  5. Cost-effective
    Our eutectic vehicles are fuel-free, helping you save up to 60% on fuel costs. Additionally, the solutions are vehicle-independent, so even if the vehicle breaks down, the product remains unaffected; hence, saving the cost of product damage. The carriers, cartridges and freezers can be used multiple times and are recyclable, making them energy-efficient and cost-effective.

The efficient and effective performance of our PCM-based sets standards for others in the market. Using these solutions would mean uplifting your business’ quality, integrity and trust. Moreover, it allows you to develop a better reputation among your consumers. To know more about our solutions, contact TESSOL. We have award-winning solutions for your supply needs.

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