4 Sustainable Solutions for Cold Chain Transportation

India is the second-largest food producer globally, yet 190 million people still go hungry in the country. 40% of food is wasted in India before it even reaches the end consumer, caused by insufficient cold chain storage and transportation solutions. Food waste is not just a financial loss but also impacts the environment significantly. However, the condition of the cold chain sector is gradually improving due to innovation and initiatives. Companies like TESSOL are introducing environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions to combat food wastage. Here are some of TESSOL’s proprietary solutions that are changing the face of cold chain management:

1.Fuel-free refrigeration
It’s not unknown that natural resources are depleting and global warming is increasing significantly. The latter causes weather change, subsequently affecting the cold chain transportation. Plus, other factors like heavy traffic and vehicle breakdown can lead to food wastage. TESSOL’s proprietary solutions introduce fuel-free refrigeration to avoid such a loss. These vehicles run on thermal batteries instead of conventional engine power. This means that cooling is not dependent on the engine, minimising the unit load. Additionally, the thermal batteries run for 10-12 hours and are vehicle independent, maintaining the food temperature for longer hours. Even in case of a vehicle breakdown, the food won’t be affected, allowing you to deliver quality products.

2.Carriers and cartridges
Packaging and carriers have become essential in cold chain transportation; any compromise can lead to a complete waste of food and pharmaceutical products. During transport, the vehicle’s door frequently opens for the loading-unloading process or multiple deliveries, leading to temperature drops. This can alter the shape, taste and quality of the food. TESSOL’s proprietary solution offers SWAP carriers and cartridges for temperature-sensitive products – these passively cooled boxes can maintain multiple desired temperatures of 2-8°C and -20°C. This ensures that the food remains chilled and frozen till the last mile. Plus, the bags used to carry them are made of high-grade closed cell polymer, which is recyclable. Cartridges ensure the quality of food remains intact while causing no harm to the environment.

There can be temperature fluctuations or weather changes during transportation, affecting the food directly. Having a temperature drop in the middle of the road leaves you with no solution unless you have opted for TESSOL’s SWAP solutions. Their freezers rapidly pull down the temperature to maintain consistency between -25°C and +18°C. The freezers are compact and can fit all shapes and sizes, making them convenient during transportation.

4.Asset monitoring system
Cold chain transportation is incomplete without a monitoring system. The asset monitoring system updates the operator about the condition and temperature of the products. It gives real-time data, so even a minor fault can be corrected in order to prevent any kind of damage. TESSOL’s TAMsys is by far the most effective and accurate asset monitoring system, improving cold chain management.
Sustainable solutions in cold chain management ensure each individual is receiving fresh and quality food. TESSOL takes the initiative to change the cold chain sector by inventing and supplying award-winning proprietary solutions. This allows us to bring change socially, economically and environmentally. Contact TESSOL for a sustainable cold chain solution.

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