3 Ways How Cold Chain Systems Are Becoming More Sustainable

It has become crucial for companies to go green now more than ever. Nowadays, people prefer companies that are more environmentally driven. Plus, if all the natural resources are leached out, then the margins of social, economical, and environmental sectors will fall significantly. Therefore, it is essential to make sure that your entire manufacturing process, warehouse source of power, transportation of goods, and technology used in the process are efficient and sustainable. This, in turn, enhances productivity and saves money. Companies have implemented advanced sustainable ways that transformed the face of the cold chain system. Read on to know how you can implement these methods in your business.

Install top-notch technology
Technology is an integral part of cold chain management. A lot of companies use chemicals and other solutions to maintain the temperature performance till the last mile. But this negatively impacts the environment as well as the consumers. Companies need top-notch solutions based on thermal battery technology such as TESSOL’s PlugNChill and SWAP. The former solution is a fuel-free refrigeration system, i.e., it runs on proprietary thermal batteries and chargers and is not dependent on vehicles. So if the vehicle breaks down, the product will still be safe. In addition, PCM engineered chemicals are non-flammable and non-toxic, store large amounts of latent energy and contain multiple temperatures ranging between +25°C and -25°C. Another solution by TESSOL is SWAP, which consists of insulated carriers, cartridges and central chargers. These are sanitized and designed to perform efficiently across the bags, which are designed with a high grade closed cell polymer that is easily recyclable.

Improve infrastructure
For any industry to work efficiently, the infrastructure should be rock-solid since it is the base of it all. During delivery, there can be many challenges, like unstable roads, weather changes, accidents, temperature drops, among others. If an operator does not have control over these aspects, then it can lead to massive loss. Therefore, be it a warehouse or delivery vehicles, the companies must incorporate asset monitoring systems. TAMsys is an asset monitoring system that gives real-time data to an operator regarding the temperature, product and weather conditions, and other vital information. Therefore, in case of a temperature drop, the operator gets the information, and they quickly inform the delivery people and take immediate action. This prevents potential damage to the food and financial loss.

Change vehicles
Old vehicles are incapable of incorporating advanced solutions and consume excess fuel, which puts pressure on the environment. The ultimate solution is using TESSOL’s eutectic vehicles because they minimize the cost of ownership, provide 100% product safety, impart real-time monitoring, plus they are fuel-free and eco-friendly. These vehicles are ideal as they fulfil various temperature requirements, meaning they can be suitable for temperatures as low as -25°C and as high as +16°C. Such green technologies secure the product, environment, and are cost-effective, benefiting companies and consumers.

The sustainable approach is revolutionising the system, and one of the companies that has played an integral part in this change is TESSOL. Our high-quality solutions and advanced innovation help us and the industry persevere and grow. For further inquiry, contact us.

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