Storage and transportation of chocolates

Chocolate is one of the most popular products, ingredients in most desserts, ice creams and tops the list as a gifting options in most countries. In fact, it is known that the volume of cocoa produced annually equals about 4.7 million tonnes worldwide!

This being said, the transportation of chocolate needs to be executed carefully, as chocolate has a melting point of just 31C. Along with this, cocoa products are also known to absorb foreing odours very quickly, which can alter the taste of the product, which means that it needs to be packed in an odourless surrounding, when being distributed. 

If by any chance chocolate is stored and transported in damp surroundings, the sugar within the chocolate absorbs the moisture. Once this happens, it evaporates and leaves a dusty layer of  crystallized sugar on the surface which can often be mistaken for mould. Long story short, when this happens, the chocolate product is actually ruined and needs to be returned. Hence, it is crucial to ensure that the chocolate product is transported and stored in a damp free surrounding. 

At Tessol, our secondary and tertiary solutions have been successfully used for the transportation of chocolate and its by-products for a number of our clients. Our PCM based solutions (Such as our Blo-Chill trucks, Insulated boxes) are engine and fuel independent which means that irrespective of the number of drops, traffic conditions and external ambient conditions, the temperature conditions of the products remain the same. 

We also have safe and reliable warehouse cold rooms, where the product can be stored before being shipped out. 

How do our Blo-Chill  trucks work? 

First, a charger containing a compressor is mounted on a container. The compressor runs on electricity which charges the Phase Change Material which is filled in heat exchanger plates. Once the compressor enables PCM to arrive at a desired temperature, It gets maintained for up to 10-12 hours.

Our solutions, which are ideal for chocolates and other dairy products, can be used across a larger temperature range and are available at lower operating costs. 

With Tessol’s part compartment vehicle, a temperature controlled chamber is installed inside a dry vehicle, which is odorless and absent of any moisture. Our charged cartridges are then inserted before the consignment is loaded on. This can maintain temperatures for up to 8-10 hours. 


What about point to point solutions?

We understand that chocolate, being so in demand, requires quick and reliable intercity deliveries too. For this, we have Insulated boxes which are designed for maximising temperature performance. They also have internal airflow paths and integrated slots for PCM cartridges to ensure higher temperature integrity, thus avoiding outside temperatures to affect the consignment. 

While the solutions are in place, we understand that it is always better to be safe than sorry. In spite of all the applications mentioned being fool proof and efficient, we have introduced another crucial element in the maintenance of consignments. Our remote monitoring device, TAMsys, allows temperature monitoring throughout the supply chain. Since chocolate requires a dry temperature with no over freezing and no moisture, our device will easily be able to detect in case of any changes in temperature due to the above reasons! 

To use our solutions, and to be a part of a successful cold chain management system,

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