Tertiary Distribution Solutions

Cold Shipping Solutions for Tertiary Distribution

Innovative solutions for multi-use, multi-deliveries and variable quantities optimized for your needs.

Tertiary distribution involves smaller deliveries and shipping to multiple points. The probability of maintaining the complete cold chain decreases in tertiary deliveries. Tessol’s proprietary solutions uses active and passive PCM (Phase Change Material) to ensure reliable temperature maintenance.


    We offer active or passive cooling solutions depending on the nature of use and requirement of the customer. They can be either multi-compartment solutions on regular containers based on our active solution – PlugNChill or part compartment solutions which are based on our passive solution – SWAP.

    Reliable temperature maintenance

    Ensure predictable temperatures that suit the product and location needs. 

    Multi compartmentalization

    Improve delivery efficiency through multiple compartments in the same delivery van.  

    Combination of frozen, chilled and fresh products

    You can now carry the frozen, chilled and fresh products in the same carrier.

    Reduced operating costs

    The combination of PCM technologies and multiple compartments drives down costs significantly.

    Multiple Compartment Units

    Tessol’s tertiary distribution units can be built in combination of chilled, frozen and ambient with different compartment ratios. TESSOL can also build compartments to enable much larger number of openings and deliveries – something that cannot be done in a conventional unit.

    How does it work?

    A Charger which is mounted on container contains a compressor. The compressor runs on electricity which charges the PCM (Phase Change Material- a type of chemical which cools the vehicle down) filled in heat exchanger plates. Once the compressor enables PCM to arrive at a desired temperature, the desired temperature gets maintained in the vehicle for prolonged period of time ( 10 to 12 hours, depending upon the number of drops). Since there can be more than one compartment depending upon different temperature needs, suitable PUF based partitions are done to maintain the temperature in each compartment.

    Part Compartment Vehicle

    In the part compartment vehicles, a temperature-controlled chamber is installed inside a dry vehicle (no permanent fitting). The charged cartridges are then inserted before the vehicles leave for delivery. This helps to maintain temperatures for 8-10 hours with multiple deliveries.

    Insulated Box

    • Ideal for point-to-point movement of smaller and variable quantities
    • Designed for maximizing temperature performance
    • Internal airflow paths, and integrated slots for PCM cartridges ensure higher temperature integrity
    • Available for frozen and chilled products in sizes ranging from 50 to 300 liters
    • Customized branding options for minimum volume requirements



    Multiple chambers can be created for different products or temperatures


    Multiple chambers can be created for different products or temperatures


    Charger cartridges are available in different sizes

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