How New Digitised Logistic Systems Improve Cold Chain Management

Technological advancement has revolutionized each and every field, particularly logistic systems. The invention and implementation of high-end technologies have transformed the working environment of logistic systems. It has minimized food wastage, financial loss, expanded the business, maximized food shelf life, and increased radius of delivery. The new digitized logistic system has also changed the lives of farmers by providing well-equipped storage facilities and better packaging material. One of the companies to have such advanced technology is Tessol – they are part of this revolution. Here’s how their systems improve cold chain management:

Enhance the shelf life of perishable goods

Perishable foods are temperature sensitive and have a short shelf life. If it is not stored at the required temperature, then they start deteriorating. During transportation, the food products are prone to fluctuating temperatures, unstable weather conditions, and accidents. Earlier, due to the lack of proper logistic management, there was a huge loss of perishable food. However, the installation of the latest PCM based technology is doing wonders in cold chain management. It provides both active and passive solutions, i.e. PlugNChill and SWAP, respectively. When the perishable food is transported, the PlugNChill technology ensures that the temperature remains intact for a straight 10-12 hours. In case of temperature drops, the PlugNChill units are designed to recover the temperature faster. In addition, it is not dependent on the vehicle. Therefore, if the vehicle breaks down during transportation or meets heavy traffic, the food is still safe and secure. Furthermore, during the tertiary distribution, the SWAP’s carriers and cartridges ensure that food is frozen, fresh, and chilled till the end consumer. The carriers and cartridges are insulated and easily sanitized, minimizing the human touchpoints and maintaining hygiene.

Provide real-time data to the operators

Along with excellent storage and packaging, the products need to be constantly under the radar for temperature and condition checks. In addition, the traffic, weather conditions, and other factors that will affect the products need to be examined. For more accurate information, the high-end technology TAMsys is introduced in cold chain management. TAMsys is a well-integrated infrastructure that updates and gives real-time data to its operators. In case of product spoilage, temperature drop, vehicle breakdown, weather change, unexpected traffic conditions, the information is updated to the operator. The real-time data helps operators to take immediate action and prevent possible loss and spoilage. In addition, the end consumer gets to track their product right from its storage location till the product is delivered. This transparency increases the trust between the consumer and the company, while improving the efficiency of the logistics system.

The world is expanding rapidly. To keep up with its pace, installing this new digital technology is a must. Because it is not only improving cold chain management but also improving lives. Tessol became part of this revolution and it is one of the leading cold chain companies today. To be part of this, you can connect with Tessol.

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