Don’t let Ice cream and the Earth melt

Passion finds a way and leads you to a new and exciting future. Our passion for energy technologies and sustainability drives us to constantly innovate and be on the lookout for the next best solution.

Frozen food delivery, especially ice creams, is growing in double digits. While that is exciting, the not-so-exciting news is that the storage and delivery of these ice creams are happening through unsustainable modes, such as Diesel Reefers and Dry ice. Add to that the drop in ice cream delivery quality and the rise in food wastage. In fact, Niranjana has spoken about the perils of using dry ice in an earlier blog.

Passion finds a way. Rather, multiple ways.  

Our freezer and low temperature PCM solution is a 100% sustainable alternative to reefers and dry ice. Reducing carbon footprint, fuel, CO2 and GHG emissions levels is just the beginning with our freezers and PCM technologies.  

We just pushed ourselves and are now launching a real-time temperature monitoring solution called TAMsys®. The key reason for the poor ice cream quality, wastage, and spoilage during transportation is improper temperature control. TAMsys® is a real-time temperature monitoring platform that gives 100% visibility and control over temperature management across the cold chain.

Viable. Reliable. Sustainable has been our go-to mantra and we’re glad that this simple mantra is driving the entire value. I firmly believe that if these metrics go up, the business metrics will automatically start looking healthy.

We will be launching TAMsys® in the upcoming Indian Ice Cream Expo, 2022, happening in Hyderabad between 10th and 12th October. We will share more information on TAMsys® as we get closer to the event. If you are around, do drop in by our booth J-15 C.

You can see first-hand on how “we don’t let the ice cream and earth melt”.

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