How Do TESSOL’s Solutions Work for Variable Quantities of Deliveries?

Cold chain logistics deliver varied items, such as vegetables, vaccines, confectionery and horticulture, among others. Each of these products has different temperature requirements, which must be maintained throughout the shipping process from the cold storage to the consumer. Many cold chain transit companies use different vehicles for each delivery, maximising their operation costs and other expenses and reducing their profits. This is why TESSOL introduces innovative solutions that handle large and small quantities of deliveries efficiently without the use of multiple solutions or vehicles. Our solutions impart enormous benefits too.

Here is everything you need to know about TESSOL’s solutions for multiple deliveries.

Multi-compartment units

Multi-compartment units are next-generation vehicles consisting of different compartments built for different kinds of products. The compartments are divided into three categories: frozen, fresh and ambient. Depending on each product’s temperature requirement, they are placed in the allotted compartment. For example, ice creams would be put in the frozen compartments, while fruits and vegetables would go into the fresh or ambient sections. The multi-compartment units are used for larger deliveries and longer distances. Additionally, PUF partitions are done to maintain systematic temperatures for each product.

Part-compartment vehicles

Part-compartment vehicles are advanced and ideal for smaller deliveries. They consist of Zen boxes, which are a controlled chamber inside the truck—the fitting is not permanent—into which charged cartridges are placed surrounding the products. The cartridges maintain the temperature until the last mile, keeping the product’s quality, taste and texture intact. The shipper does not have to worry about multiple door openings, for the temperature can be pulled down effortlessly and  maintained for 8-10 hours. Also, since the products are in boxes or chambers, they remain safe in case of vehicular breakdown.

Insulated boxes

TESSOL’s proprietary insulated boxes have integrated slots for PCM cartridges. They also have an airflow path specially designed for the cartridges to maintain consistent temperature performance throughout the shipping process. These boxes can accommodate products of all shapes, sizes and temperature requirements. They keep the product quality and integrity till the last mile.

Benefits of our tertiary distribution solutions

The above-mentioned solutions have massive benefits in terms of finance and the environment. Companies must opt for these solutions to maximize their profits and reap benefits, such as:

Maintaining temperature

Both multi and part-compartment units are equipped with charged cartridges capable of maintaining temperature for 8-10 hours straight. Be it -24°C or -18°C, the insulated boxes and multi-compartment units can maintain the desired temperature, despite multiple deliveries.

Enabling multiple deliveries

Multi-compartmentalization means a large number of deliveries can be made possible. This means that deliveries would be faster and customers would be happier. This could earn the distributer a good rep in the market, enhancing their business too.

Reducing operating costs

Multi-compartment units take up large deliveries that help the company save on transportation, fuel, labor and packaging costs, making them a profitable investment.

TESSOL is committed to providing top-level technologies to the cold chain industry to deliver quality, derive profits and save the environment. To level up your cold chain supply, request a quote.

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