Asset Monitoring – Everything to Know About TAMsys

TAMsys, an asset monitoring system, is the next-generation innovation that changes the way cold chain functions from farm to fork. Temperature is a crucial factor in cold chain delivery, which can be abused due to multiple deliveries, delays, climate change, etc. Here is where TAMsys plays a vital role. It alerts and updates about a product’s condition and temperature in real time. This helps operators make informed decisions in times of crises. The technology enables operators to take control over the products until their final delivery, achieving the ultimate aim of delivering the highest-quality product to the consumer.

Here are the benefits of using TAMsys:

Gives real-time data

As mentioned above, temperature is a crucial factor in cold chain delivery. From farm to fork, products have to withstand many challenges such as excessive traffic, packaging malfunction, vehicle breakdown, etc., leading to temperature abuse. However, with TAMsys, you can stay one step ahead. The technology incorporates sensors in the product and vehicle, transmitting the message to the operator about the product’s condition and temperature. It also alerts the operators about the minutest issue or temperature drop, allowing them to make quick decisions. The consistent data flow from farm to fork gives operators 100% control over delivery.

Reduces response time

If a temperature drop is not fixed on time, it leads to wastage of food, money and the environment. However, since TAMsys gives consistent updates about the product, it becomes easier for the operator to handle any crisis. This prevents businesses from financial losses while mitigating food wastage.

Provides one core system

Imagine having a different system to track each product, warehouse and delivery truck. This will make cold chain logistics all the more complex and inefficient. TAMsys provides one core system or application through which you can track all the products, delivery, warehouses, etc. This makes it easier for the operators to guide in times of crises and makes the whole process efficacious and reliable. A one-core system significantly improves the functions and maintains the integrity of the cold chain delivery.

Maintains quality till the last mile

Quality is the main ingredient of your product. If it is compromised, your business is likely to suffer a huge setback. By giving time-to-time updates about product conditions and their temperature, TAMsys reduces downtime, which helps preserve the quality of your product and maintains its integrity.

TAMsys not only eases the cold chain delivery process but also satisfies your customer by helping you deliver quality products. TESSOL, the leading cold chain company, provides advanced cold chain solutions to level the game in the cold chain industry. Connect with us to upgrade your cold chain delivery standards and enhance your business.

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