4 Advantages of a Cold Chain Monitoring System

Effective cold chain transportation will ensure not only customer satisfaction but also expand your business in the market. A highly trained staff combined with advanced cold chain technology can prevent and handle any unforeseen crises and eliminate potential loss. Technology such as monitoring systems allows operators to have an eagle view of their shipment and receive real-time package data, location updates and other elements. This will enable them to take corrective measures in case of a crisis. Explore the advantages of cold chain monitoring system:

  1. Getting real-time temperature data
    Pharmaceutical and perishable products are temperature-sensitive; even a minor temperature drop, which can be caused due to many factors, can damage the quality of these products. However, cold chain technology has advanced over time and incorporated a monitoring system, which gives real-time temperature data. This means that if there is a temperature drop, the operator will be alerted, enabling them to take specific measures. This will save the product and cut costs incurred due to wastage.
  2. Monitoring real-time location and condition
    The implementation of a monitoring system allows operators to track the condition of the product and the vehicle’s location. Sometimes, the products are transported to different regions or states where the weather might be unpredictable, roads can be bumpy or the vehicle could get stuck in traffic for long hours. This can lead to spoilage and vehicle breakdown, but advanced sensors and GPS in the supply chain are changing the cold chain logistics game. Accurate location information can allow operators to send in help or seek alternative solutions in case of vehicle breakdown. This information makes the supply more efficient and easy to handle.

  3. Keeping track of package levels
    Multiple deliveries, loading and unloading processes and improper packaging can spill, tilt, or break the packaging and damage pharmaceutical and perishable products. Thus, it is crucial to keep an eye on the packaging throughout the shipment process. Cold chain technology provides small hardware sensors that can be incorporated into the packaging solutions, giving real-time package and product condition data. This hardware is robust enough to stay connected even when the battery is low, eliminating the chance of spillage and wastage.
  4. Maintaining constant connectivity
    With a monitoring system in place, you can track the shipment from farm to fork. Cold chain management has closely worked with the monitoring system and ensured that it provides data even from the remotest location, such as ocean routes, remote railroads or other pathways. This system amalgamates IoT, BLE, RFID and other solutions that help operators keep track of the shipments and maintain connectivity until the last mile.
    Monitoring systems are the ultimate choice for sustainable, efficient and reliable cold chain management. The best monitoring technology in the market is TAMsys, which is equipped with all the advanced features mentioned above. It will eliminate the cost of various losses by giving you accurate data and enabling you to deliver quality food to your customers. Request a quote from TESSOL – Our high-end monitoring system is raising the standards of cold chain management.
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