Women in business: Expectations from 2022

The Tech Panda asked several women business entrepreneurs their hopes from 2022.
The COVID-19 pandemic was detrimental for the business community the world over. However, women business entrepreneurs suffered even more, pushing them towards less risk taking behaviour.

Niranjana Neelakantan, Co-founder & COO, TESSOL
“I expect to get back into normalcy, personally and professionally in 2022. With the world reopening and learning to live with COVID, we are also seeing things stabilize for businesses. The sentiment is very positive, and we are very bullish about the business as well.

In the last two years, we were forced to think differently and reorganize our lives and businesses. This has given us new perspectives and has enabled us to prioritize in ways we had never done before. I am now excited to apply these learnings as we move forward”

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