Why TESSOL’s Technologies Stand Out in the Market

Cold chain solutions determine the success and failure of shipments. If you want your products to reach a global market, your technologies should be solving next-generation challenges. TESSOL has invented top-notch technologies that have been doing wonders in the market over the last half-decade. While their solutions deliver quality, they keep the environment’s integrity intact. Check out why TESSOL’s technologies stand out in the market.

They are energy-efficient

From chargers, advanced phase change materials, and eutectic trucks, TESSOL has innovated energy-efficient solutions that minimize carbon footprint. For instance, PlugNChill technology runs on thermal batteries and chargers, it is vehicle-independent and does not depend on fuel. Generally, refrigerators in the cold chain supply require high voltage and consume massive energy. However, PCM chargers and batteries are charged on the regular charging point for a minimum of five to six hours, which then function for non-stop 10-12 hours. With TESSOL, you can now displace 1000 liters of diesel per annum for a standard 1 ton vehicle.

They have award-winning solutions

TESSOL’s solutions are award-winning for their exceptional performance and success in minimizing food, money and environmental wastage. Check out the PCM-based solutions:


PlugNChill offers advanced phase change materials that maintain the temperature of the products across all ups and downs. Also, their heat exchangers and chargers consume minimum time for charging and are designed to withstand harsh conditions. This technology is encoded in the software that allows the operator to check the internal temperature till the last mile of delivery.


SWAP’s advanced central charging station freezes cartridges in a shorter time. Its carriers and cartridges consist of airflow paths that maintain consistency across the bags and the high-grade closed-cell polymer design makes it recyclable. It ensures that the food remains frozen and fresh till the last mile.


Indiwrap is a reusable and easy-to-use packaging solution for ice cream and other frozen foods that maintains temperature consistency up to a delivery radius of 60 minutes. It can be frozen in your freezer and then cut and wrapped around the product, while keeping the shape, size and texture of the product intact.

They enable customers to track deliveries

To ensure transparency, TESSOL introduced TAMsys, which allows customers to track their products from farm to fork. Customers have become conscious about what they are consuming, where the product is coming from, and when it will arrive. TAMsys solves their queries by giving them constant updates. Also, customers can inform them directly if there is any change in address or location, making the process easier.

They minimize human touchpoints

TESSOL’s cartridges and carriers are insulated and can be easily sanitized, which minimizes human touchpoint. With customers being highly conscious about health and safety, especially post COVID-19, TESSOL’s solutions are ideal for shipping.

They are cost-efficient

TESSOL’s eutectic fuel-free vehicles and carriers fit all sizes of packages, while the independent vehicle technology and lower maintenance cost enable their customers to save 60% operating costs with a payback under one year—an advantageous deal for all businesses.

The dynamics between customers and businesses are changing significantly as customers demand more transparency, quality and variety—and TESSOL has been able to deliver all of them effortlessly. So, connect with us for all your cold chain needs and expect durable, advanced and efficient services from our end.

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