Why Partnering with Innovative Cold Chain Solution Providers is the Need of The Hour

Be it supply chain management or technology integration, cold chain solution providers supply it all. With the increasing demand for efficient temperature performance and product quality maintenance, among other things, cold chain solution providers constantly optimize and innovate to bridge the gaps in the system. In addition, they can handle multiple supplies with great efficiency and eliminate challenges like food wastage, temperature drop, permission issues, and many others. This helps companies deliver their goods on time and increase their sales. Read on to know why companies require cold chain solution providers:

They integrate advanced technology

Cold chain management has changed significantly as logistics solution providers are integrating advanced technologies that allow them to deliver perishable goods efficiently. For example, using TAMsys can give you real-time data of the product and weather condition, internal and external temperature, and even allows consumers to track their product. In addition, if there is any change in the delivery location or a roadblock ahead, the operator can immediately inform the driver, and accordingly, take action. This way, they prevent food and financial loss and ensure that it is delivered safely till the last mile.

They eliminate the company’s costs

From transporting vehicles, incorporating technology to ensuring quality delivery to the last mile, cold chain solution providers cover it all. They provide eutectic vehicles that ensure 100% product safety, meaning they quickly supply the required temperature after every real-time temperature drop. In addition, they reduce the cost of ownership that saves up to 60% fuel cost, and they are eco-friendly and fuel-free as, on average, they replace 1500 litres of diesel per vehicle. Furthermore, these providers use advanced solutions to lessen the possibility of returns, shipping errors, and lost sales.

They keep upgrading their system

Cold chain solution providers keep filling the gaps in the system to enhance the efficiency of cold chain management. They analyse the system and upgrade the technology. For instance, TESSOL introduced IndiWRAP for short-distance and smaller deliveries. IndiWRAP ensures that the temperature of meat, ice cream and other cold products remains intact till the last mile delivery. Plus, when it is combined with other TESSOL solutions, it can be beneficial for distant deliveries too as it increases the delivery radius to 60+ minutes. Furthermore, constant upgradation in the entire system reduces inefficiency and enhances sales.

Cold chain solutions provide a holistic and advanced approach that ensures a smooth work process. With the various challenges in the cold chain system, TESSOL aims to provide bespoke solutions to CFAs, retailers as well as last-mile delivery consumers. To have effective cold chain solutions, contact TESSOL – our top-notch technological solutions allow us to deliver flawless service.

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