The Use of Phase Change Materials in the pharma industry.

The pandemic has seen a rise in the distribution of biologics, with health issues on the rise. The main focus of the pharmaceutical industry, however, has been the distribution of vaccines. 

With the pandemic having given rise to the high-speed development of vaccines and medications, the cold chain industry had to be prepared more than ever before for its distribution across the country. 

Vaccines need to be stored in extra cold conditions, with temperatures of -60C. With these requirements, dry ice was the first and obvious choice. Dry ice can maintain extremely low freezing temperatures but it does come with several downfalls. When dry ice melts, it releases co2 gas, which is extremely harmful if inhaled by the staff handling the consignment. Once inhaled, they can get dizzy, confused and in a worst-case scenario, it can even cause death. 

While this is just one of the hindrances of the transportation of vaccines, factors such as ambient temperature, engine failure, and cost also need to be considered. The vaccine transport will be repeated multiple times and across the country, which means wastage and delay is not an option. 

One of the most sustainable, cost-effective, and reliable options would be to use phase change materials. Phase change materials are renewable, can be used multiple times which is ideal for vaccine transportation, and is engine and fuel independent. The PCM cartridge is stored and conditioned in a warehouse to desired temperatures of -25 and below. Once this is done, the cartridge can be used for tertiary, secondary, and last-mile deliveries without any hindrances while maintaining the temperature for 10+ hours! 

Tessol has played a major role in the distribution of vaccines by providing support with their proprietary PCM solutions for pharmaceuticals and vaccines. Our solution, named PACK N SHIP,  consists of pharmaceutical shippers which are single and multi-use. These shippers are PCM-based with no stringent SOP’s. They can be used for vaccines and biological with a temperature range of -20 to +15. Since these shippers work on PCM technology, they are engine and fuel independent, cost-effective and sustainable. They can be used for secondary and tertiary distribution and are reliable. 

Our PACK N SHIP range also comes with another set of solutions that are part of our Rotomolded Range which consists of single and multi-use passively cooled boxes which are integrated with real-time monitoring capabilities and easy to use! These boxes also work on PCM technology and have a temperature range of 2-8C and -20C. 

Our pharma bags are ideal for last-mile deliveries and are also integrated with real-time monitoring systems. These bags are lined with PCMs and can maintain temperatures for about 10-12 hours. 

While these solutions include bags and boxes, our plug n chill technology is similarly geared to transport biologics and vaccines. A compressor is placed on top of the vehicle, which charges the PCMs placed inside the compartments on the vehicle till it reaches the desired temperature. Post this, the pharma consignment is placed inside the truck. 

With remote monitoring features, phase change materials, a focus on sustainability and cost-effective solutions, we at Tessol look forward to revolutionizing the cold chain pharma industry one step at a time!


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