The logistics industry faces unprecedented changes amid Covid

Logistics is the most critical component of any supply chain. It can draw parallels from no less than a battle zone where precise plans and timings are of utmost importance, yet the best-laid plans may go awry at any moment. Within the supply chain, those dealing with cold chains have a much harder time maintaining the complex network that keeps products safe until the last mile delivery is complete.

Cold chain logistics refers to the transportation and warehousing of temperature-sensitive products from the point of origin to the point of consumption in such a way that the product’s shelf life is maintained to prevent spoilage. With the advent of the pandemic, the logistics and supply chain industries faced unprecedented challenges and broke down completely in some instances. Within this milieu, the cold supply chain segment was the worst hit. The entire country was hit by a lack of reliable, sustainable, and effective cold chain solutions. Suppliers were left to grapple with the massive problem of delivering goods to individual doorsteps. It has been a herculean task for the logistics and SCM experts who worked relentlessly through the pandemic to ensure that customers received their shipments on time and the demand for essentials and non-essentials goods are met, more so in the cold chain segment.

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