The Importance of Temperature Control in Pharma Shipping

Temperature control is paramount in pharmaceutical shipping, as it directly impacts product efficacy, patient safety, and compliance with regulatory standards. Precise temperature maintenance is crucial because pharmaceuticals are often sensitive to temperature fluctuations, with even minor deviations potentially leading to product degradation. For example, vaccines, insulin, and certain antibiotics must be stored and transported within specific temperature ranges to remain effective. Furthermore, inadequate temperature control can result in a shortened shelf life, leading to increased waste and financial losses. Patient safety is the foremost concern, as administering compromised medications can have severe consequences. Therefore, ensuring that pharmaceuticals are transported at the correct temperatures is vital to maintaining the quality, safety, and efficacy of these life-saving products.

Tessol, a leader in temperature-controlled logistics solutions, offers a range of innovative products and services to address the challenges posed by temperature-sensitive pharma shipments.

Solutions for Preservation: Tessol’s High-Performance Gel Packs

When it comes to preserving pharmaceuticals during shipping, Tessol’s high-performance gel packs is a solution that pharmaceutical companies can rely on. Tessol’s high-performance gel packs provide 8 to 10% better retention depending on the properties of the box used., Thus temperature control becomes robust providing an additional layer of protection against temperature excursions. Tessol gel packs are ideal for shipping biologics, insulin, etc where maintaining temperature integrity is non-negotiable.

Mastering Temperature: Validated Boxes with Phase Change Material

Validated boxes, equipped with Phase Change Material (PCM), represent a trusted solution for pharmaceutical products’ controlled journeys. PCM is like a temperature buffer that absorbs and releases energy to maintain a consistent temperature. For example, in the case of high-value healthcare products, which must be stored between 2°C and 8°C, a validated box with PCM ensures that the insulin stays within this range throughout the shipment. With a validity period of 72 to 96 hours, these boxes can accommodate various shipping scenarios, such as international shipments or delays in transit. Pharmaceutical companies can master temperature control with confidence, knowing that their products will arrive in prime condition and meet regulatory requirements.

Assurance : Insulated bags with temperature tracking for diagnostics 

Tessol offers a complete solution for diagnostics where temperature control during the collection and transit of medical samples is crucial. The Tamsys platform which includes a IoT-enabled wireless device and real time cloud based temperature tracking takes assurance to the next level. The system not only enables alerts to the rider as well as the supervisor on temperature deviations so that they take corrective measures but also helps generate automated compliance reports for each trip  This ensures that the samples remain compliant throughout their journey, enhancing assurance through accurate reports.

The Tamsys platform can also be used to track the temperature of other healthcare products during transit or during storage.

In conclusion, temperature control in pharmaceutical shipping is imperative to safeguard product efficacy, patient well-being, and regulatory compliance. Validated boxes and Tessol’s high-performance gel packs provide a comprehensive solution for maintaining temperature integrity during pharmaceutical transportation. With the ability to master temperature, manage time-sensitive shipments, and ensure the safety of critical medications, these solutions empower pharmaceutical companies to meet the highest standards and deliver uncompromised pharmaceutical products to those in need.

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