The Cold Chain Journey of a Vaccine

Vaccines are temperature-sensitive and any minor negligence can have significant consequences. The cold chain logistics must be alert and cautious at every stage, i.e. from manufacturing to distribution. Statistics reveal that 25% of vaccines are wasted due to inefficient cold chain management. In addition, cold chain operators have many challenges, like theft, accidents, weather conditions, etc. Therefore, it is essential to have robust planning and advanced technology to prevent massive financial loss. Tessol, the leading cold chain logistics solution provider, is equipped with such high-end technology and is efficient for the pharmaceutical cold chain process.

Manufacturing and storage

The vaccine needs to be stored at 2-8 degrees Celsius. Otherwise, its efficacy will degrade. The process of storing, packaging, and loading for transportation is so delicate that a minor mistake will have a sizable impact. For example, vaccines are stored in a glass vial, which needs to be well-built because if the vaccine interacts with the glass it is packed in, then the drug starts degrading. Therefore, the vials and carriers need to be robust to an extent that they do  not shatter or break while loading or transportation. Considering this point, Tessol’s SWAP carriers and cartridges are perfect  for vaccines. The carriers offer a temperature of 2-8°C, and its duration is +90 hours, which means it is well built for longer journeys and assure sustainability and efficiency. It is insulated and easily sanitized, maximizing safety. Furthermore, it has freezer banks that have the capacity to pull down the temperature in 20-30 minutes. It ensures that till the last delivery, the product is stored at the required temperature.

Transportation and monitoring

During transportation, the vaccines can be exposed to many dangers, like temperature, uneven lanes, risk of spoilage, etc. Therefore, it is essential to monitor the entire journey to ensure a safe and smooth delivery. Installing real-time monitoring devices, like TESSOL’s TAMsys can send updates about the condition of the truck and the carrier’s temperature, weather change, humidity, tilt, and storage conditions that ultimately make the cold chain process effective. This alerts the operator in case the package is spoiled, broken, tampered with or moved, minimizing the possibility of the loss. TAMsys is the monitoring asset that allows the operator to keep track of products from factory to the patient. It gives the operator real-time data and updates about the temperature conditions, making the cold chain process reliable and convenient.

TESSOL’s award-winning technologies SWAP, TAMsys and PLUGnCHILL makes the cold chain system efficient, durable, and profitable. These technologies are even environmentally friendly and have set the benchmark in the cold chain market.

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