TESSOL’s solutions for transportation of ice cream in India

When it comes to transportation of ice cream in India, it is important to remember that it is a highly perishable and temperature sensitive product. With any dairy product, it is essential to ensure a fail proof delivery method as contamination can be very dangerous for the end user. 

When transporting ice cream, the temperature from the warehouse stage to the final delivery needs to be maintained and conditions like ambient temperatures need to be kept in mind. One small error can be damaging to the product if left out of its required temperature. 

Not only is melted ice cream not enjoyable, but it is also important to realise that once the ice cream starts melting, certain bacteria gets released which causes the product to get spoiled immediately. Refreezing the product will not bring it back to its original form or shape and the product will have pretty much gone to waste by then. 

Maintaining ice cream temperatures of -22C is crucial and it is important to realise that the product will be exposed to a number of external factors such as temperature and traffic conditions. This is why it is important to rely on safer and smarter solutions. 

Ice cream sales usually see an influx in the months of April to June. At Tessol, we provide you with PCM based solutions which are cost effective, immune to external factors such as ambient temperature and traffic and are also engine and fuel independent. Using PCM technology is useful as even during engine pulldown, the product still maintains its temperature. 

However, at Tessol, we understand the need for constant innovation. Our recent product, which is the first of its kind in the market, called indiWRAP, is a novel ice cream solution which works on a single use string PCM model. When using our solutions, you can wrap it around the ice cream product and use only as much as you need. This is ideal for last mile deliveries as it helps retain the shape, form and temperature of the product throughout the delivery chain. 

During our trials with indiWRAP the results gathered were strikingly different than a regular last mile delivery. In terms of temperature, with an ambient temperature of 45C, from initial temperature to final delivery, the difference was only 3.2C as compared to normal delivery which had a difference of 9C. Our second trial was with an ambient temperature of 49C whereby the difference between the initial temperature to final delivery with the PCM pack was 7.8 C and without the PCM pack was 12.8. 



The other perks of the product besides high performance, is that it is cost effective. Being single use there is no need for reverse logistics and it freezes in the same ice cream freezer. Being flexible as it is in string form, you can use just as much as you need. 

With the solution being so reliable and efficient, you can increase your delivery radius as our product allows 60 minute temperature maintenance as well as maintain the quality.

At Tessol, we will always work towards providing our customers with innovative solutions and help improve the cold chain industry, one giant leap at a time!

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