Tessol’s solutions for Pharmaceutical distribution

With the pandemic having given rise to the delivery of biologics and most importantly the vaccine, the cold chain industry had to be on top of its game. 


Biologics in any case are highly temperature sensitive and require temperatures which are freezing and below. If the temperature is not favourable, the consignment can lose its quality which will then be very dangerous for the end user. 


With vaccines, they need to be transported across countries and the world at temperatures below -60C and only then will maintain their efficacy. Most cold chain companies use dry ice as an option to transport vaccines owing to its ability to stay at extremely low freezing temperatures, which in turn would condition the vaccine to the same temperature and ensure that the quality does not get hampered. 


But while this is an obvious solution, dry ice does come with its many drawbacks. Number one mainly being that when dry ice melts, it turns into carbon dioxide, which means the cabinet is deoxygenated. This can be very harmful for people who are in close proximity with handling of the consignment as it can lead to a seizure, nausea, fainting and more. Another danger is when the person handling the consignment touches dry ice, it can lead to burns. This can be very harmful and hence dry ice isn’t the safest option for transportation of biologics. 


Another point to consider is that the temperature needs to be monitored throughout the supply chain. In case of an error where the temperature is affected, the consignment can get completely damaged. To avoid this, it is crucial that cold chain companies ensure that the temperature is monitored throughout the delivery. 


Tessol has a solution for all the deliveries of pharmaceuticals, especially since they have been used for the vaccine transportation across the country. Our PACK N SHIP range of solutions include single and multi use shippers, which can be used for 72-90 hours with no stringent SOPs. These shippers work well with Indian ambient conditions of 40C and can be used for secondary and tertiary distribution of pharmaceuticals! 


Our ROTOMOLDED RANGE which is a part of our PACK N SHIP range, consists of passive cooled boxes which can work for up to 48 hours and are so easy to use! These boxes consist of monitoring capabilities which means that the temperature can be monitored throughout the supply chain delivery! They are PCM based and have a temperature range of 2-8C and -20C. 


Tessol’s last mile delivery bags have a temperature range of 2-4C and -20C and can maintain temperatures up to 12-14 hours. These bags are PCM based and have a size range of 3L to 10L. These bags are extremely efficient for last mile deliveries, be it from retail stores to home or from point to point delivery within the city! Our last mile delivery bags also come with temperature monitoring systems and are ideal for Indian Ambient temperatures

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