TESSOL’s Solutions for Chocolate Deliveries During Monsoon

Each individual consumes 100g to 200g of chocolate in India. The market value of the chocolate industry reached US$ 1.9 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 11.3% from 2021 to 2026. The statistics reveal the high demand and supply of chocolate and confectionery in India. However, supplying these confectionery items is always a challenge during the monsoon when the chances of temperature drop and delayed deliveries are high. Cold chain logistics need advanced solutions to maintain temperature till the last mile and TESSOL’s solutions have proven to be successful in this challenge. Let’s explore the challenges of chocolate delivery during monsoon and how TESSOL’s solutions overcame them.


Chocolates demand to be kept in a temperature-controlled atmosphere. The temperature should be around   which could change depending on the ingredients of the chocolate. For instance, if the chocolates have more milk fat, cocoa butter and whipped cream, you may need to keep them at a lower temperature because they tend to melt faster.

During monsoon, the roads are jam-packed, leading to delays in delivery. Also, heavy rains in one region and no rains in another can lead to temperature fluctuations, altering the product quality. Such temperature drops can significantly affect the ingredients of the chocolates. For example, a temperature drop can affect the fat crystals, leading to fat bloom, or can form moisture on the sugar, leading to sugar bloom. This results in the discolouration of the chocolates.

This doesn’t mean that chocolates at high temperatures are safe. High temperature can make them go stale, meaning the chocolates require an optimum temperature till the last mile.

While conventional engine powered reefer units can maintain the temperature of the product, the rapid drop in temperature causes the temperature to work full time, resulting in high consumption of diesel. Even then, the drop in temperature during multiple deliveries proves to be challenging to subside.


The challenges clearly display the need for robust solutions that can control the temperature at any cost. This is why TESSOL’s solutions are ideal for chocolate deliveries, especially in the monsoon. Let’s explore in detail how our solutions overcome challenges in chocolate delivery.

TESSOL’s proprietary PlugNChill technology is highly beneficial, especially during delivery delays, because its solution can run for 10-12 hours straight, keeping the product safe. Also, the advanced Phase Change Materials (PCM) deal with temperature fluctuations caused by heavy rains by maintaining the optimum temperature during both the rise and drop of temperature. The best part is that the solutions are engine independent, so if there is an accident or vehicle breakdown, which is common during heavy rains, the product remains unaffected.

In addition, TESSOL’s Insulated Box from the SWAP range of solutions is ideal for point-to-point movement of smaller and variable quantities such as chocolates. Its internal airflow paths and integrated slots for PCM cartridges ensure the uniform performance across the bags. These bags are also recyclable since they are designed with a high grade closed cell polymer, which enables you to not only maintain higher temperature integrity of your products but also do your part in saving the environment.

Lastly, TESSOL provides TAMsys, i.e., an asset monitoring system to monitor product deliveries. Since the temperature is of utmost importance in dairy items, you need to constantly track the product in order to make informed decisions during temperature fluctuations. This technology allows you to take proactive actions and prevent wastage and loss.


TESSOL’s PlugNChill solutions are powered by electricity. This resulted in saving 1000 litres of diesel per annum along with 2.6 MT of carbon dioxide emissions per vehicle. Consumers could also relish their hot chocolate milk and chocolate dessert at home, while companies could maintain their original quality, taste, appearance and brand name!

TESSOL solutions prepare you for monsoon challenges and keep your business steady in all seasons. The chocolate industry is growing, and you need to elevate your delivery solutions to keep up with the pace of the market. So, connect with us now for a profitable business.

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