Tessol’s greatest contribution has been in making the last-mile cold chain viable and reliable

Tessol solutions allow pharma companies/logistics providers to offer end-to-end transportation of vaccine packages from source to end customers without breaking the cold chain up in a highly temperature-controlled environment, informs Rajat Gupta, founder and CEO, Tessol, to Akanki Sharma

Give us details about the solution that you have launched recently for vaccine delivery across India to aid the COVID-19 vaccination drive.

Tessol took up the challenge to build products for the safe transportation of vaccines at the beginning of the pandemic. We have all the required expertise and technology in-house to build these solutions that we believed will be critical for the large-scale rollout of the vaccine.

We tied up with Koolex logistics, the largest pharma trucking company in India and built solutions for long-distance and last-mile movement of pharma products.

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