TESSOL Has the Answers to Your Cold Chain Transportation Problems

TESSOL is one of the leading companies in the cold chain industry and has won prizes for its next-generation cold chain solutions. We closely examined the loopholes in cold chain supply and filled it with our futuristic technologies that are game-changers for this industry. Our advanced PCM solutions are efficient, reliable and environmentally friendly. They help you expand your business, deliver quality food and build a positive brand image. Here is how we help:

Provide end-to-end solutions
Cold chain management is a vast ecosystem, which is intricately connected. Perishable food and vaccines have to be transported from primary to tertiary distribution. We provide eutectic trucks, carriers, boxes and cartridges for different kinds of distributions that maintain the temperature until the last mile. Additionally, all our solutions are flexible enough to be mounted on a one-ton truck to a five-litre delivery box.

Offer multiple temperature solutions
Each perishable item has a different temperature demand and you need accurate cold storage solutions to cater to temperature demands. TESSOL’s PCM solutions range from -25°C to +25°C and even 2-8°C and -20°C. This allows us to carry products that range from lower and moderate to higher temperatures, covering vaccines, confectionary products, vegetables and fruits. Additionally, our vehicle is designed in such a way that it can carry products that vary in temperature. We have a perfect solution for your multiple deliveries.
Cut down operating costs and expenses
Our solutions include SWAP’s carriers, cartridges, boxes, bags, PlugNChill thermal batteries, and PCM chargers. The thermal batteries can be charged from a regular power source and do not need high voltage; plus, they are vehicle independent, so your products are safe in case of vehicle breakdown. Furthermore, packaging solutions such as boxes, bags and Indiwrap are reusable, helping you save up to 60% operating costs and get higher returns for investing in our solutions.

Present an advanced monitoring system
It is crucial to watch your shipment from the farm to the fork, as this allows the operator to have absolute control over the process. TAMsys is our high-end monitoring system that provides you with real-time data of shipments, trucks and temperature. This allows the operator to take corrective measures in case of emergencies such as vehicle breakdown, temperature drop or package malfunctioning. TAMsys ensures that your product is safely delivered to its destination by enabling operators to prevent potential damage.

This makes us a one-stop shop for all your cold chain logistic needs. Our technologies have set a benchmark for others in the industry. TESSOL aims to transform cold chain management by improving the logistics and end delivery goals. We have covered everything from maintaining temperature till the last mile to keeping the environment safe. Connect with us and choose the best for your company.

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