Resolving Cold Chain Challenges in Ice Cream Delivery During Monsoon

Ice cream is everyone’s forever favourite. Be it monsoon, winter or summer, people always order ice cream. This is because companies are introducing unique and delicious flavours that are worth trying. However, the question is, does cold chain logistics manage to maintain the temperature of ice creams till the last mile, especially during monsoon when there are plenty of challenges during shipping?

The cold chain solutions have indeed revolutionised over time, and TESSOL is paving the course for sustainable and efficient cold chain delivery. Our PCM solutions are designed to withstand the various challenges brought about by the rains and other extreme weather conditions. Explore the challenges of ice cream delivery during monsoon and how TESSOL’s solutions beat them effortlessly.


Ice creams are extremely sensitive to temperature. They require a temperature of -18°C to -20°C to maintain their texture, taste, form and solidness. During monsoon, the delivery and shipping process becomes complicated because heavy rainfalls lead to temperature fluctuations and heavy traffic on the roads, which can delay the shipping process. At such times, it becomes difficult to pull down the temperature immediately if your solutions are not efficient enough.

On the other hand, internal factors like ice crystals also affect the ice cream. For instance, the size of the ice crystals can increase sometimes, leading to freezer burn, generally caused by inadequate packaging. This makes the ice cream unsuitable for sale.

Also, considering the road conditions in India, the chances of accidents and vehicle breakdowns are high during monsoon. In such cases, if your solutions are dependent on the vehicle engine, the ice creams are likely to get spoiled, which will then start forming bacteria, making them inedible and unhealthy.

Eventually, the customers receive low-quality products, which impacts the reputation and sales of the brand in the market.


Cold chain management demands top-notch technology to withstand all sorts of challenges. At TESSOL, we have the best solutions, for they are designed using A-grade components that cater to cold chain needs. Let’s explore these solutions and how they solve ice cream delivery problems during monsoon.

TESSOL’s proprietary technology PlugNChill solutions are vehicle independent. Hence, the product remains untouched in case of vehicle breakdowns or accidents. The advanced Phase Change Materials pull down temperatures immediately during temperature fluctuations, maintaining product quality till the last mile. In addition, this solution can be charged at any power outlet and only requires four to six hours of charging. Once charged, it will maintain temperature for 10-12 hours straight. This proves extremely beneficial during the monsoon, as electricity fluctuations are the norm in this season.

Apart from PlugNChill, TESSOL also provides IndiWrap solutions for ice cream deliveries. This easy-to-use cold sheet can be wrapped around the ice creams, no matter what shape or form, and it will maintain the product temperature for up to one hour. IndiWrap proves to be highly useful for short deliveries as it maintains product temperature for a delivery radius up to 60 minutes.

Therefore, regardless of delays in traffic, temperature drops/fluctuations or heavy rains, TESSOL’s solutions will maintain the integrity of your ice cream products.


The TESSOL solution entirely eliminated the spoilage and wastage of ice creams, and customers received their ice cream in its natural and organic form. This minimised the complaints and enhanced the business of our clients. In addition, being electrically powered, TESSOL’s solution used zero diesel and only 14 kwh electricity, which brought down operating costs by 60%.

No matter the type and form of the ice cream, TESSOL is prepared to protect, maintain and preserve the temperature, quality and solidness of the product. We ensure not only customer satisfaction but also aim to eliminate food wastage. Connect with us now if you want to make your delivery process more efficient this monsoon.

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