PCM Packaging – The Future of Food and Pharma Transportation

Food companies no longer compromise on their packaging as it determines the quality and sustainability of food and other products during transportation. Many companies and 3PL providers opt for cutting-edge technologies to expand their business and prioritise customer satisfaction. This next-generation technology monitors the product, maintains the temperature of the food and medicines, and is designed to deliver long-distance orders successfully. One of the leading companies in cold chain transportation, TESSOL offers high-end technologies for adequate last mile delivery. TESSOL’s PCM solutions include:

Eutectic vehicles
Vegetables require a temperature range from 0°C to 4°C, while medicines need to be stored at 2°C to 8°C in cold storage conditions. The temperature demand may vary as per the medicine or vegetable you are transporting. During transportation, the possibility of temperature drops and frequent fluctuations can lead to the wastage of food and medicines. This is also because temperature maintenance is dependent on Conventional Engine Power. Here is where TESSOL’s proprietary solutions can change the game – it’s PlugNChill technology runs on thermal batteries, meaning it is not an engine dependent unit and is vehicle independent. Additionally, the charged thermal batteries are placed in eutectic vehicles and maintain the desired temperature for 10-12 hours. These vehicles can be used for both food and vaccines that require temperatures as low as -25°C and as high as 25°C. With this, your cost of ownership reduces and you can save 60% in fuel cost, helping you maintain sustainability and deliver quality products.

Carriers and cartridges
Temperature-sensitive food like butter, cheese, ice-creams, and many others require specific temperature performance. This can be affected by internal factors like inappropriate packaging or a range of external factors like heavy traffic, weather changes, etc.. For tertiary delivery, the ultimate TESSOL proprietary solution would be SWAP’s carriers and cartridges. The cartridge design offers natural airflow paths around the product, resulting in high-cooling efficiency. Plus, the cartridges are food grade leak proof HDPE with ultrasonic welding. Even the bags and boxes can be easily sanitised, maximising user safety.

Enhancing the cooling of carriers and cartridges is critical for maintaining the temperature-sensitive product for a longer time. TESSOL’s proprietary solutions like SWAP are ideal for ensuring product quality and maintaining its original state till the last mile. For instance, SWAP’s freezers cool down the cartridges in a short period of time and are designed to fit in all shapes and sizes of boxes. During delivery, this maintains the temperature consistency in cartridges and subsequently in products like meat and ice cream.
TESSOL’s PCM technologies are setting a benchmark for being agile, proficient and environmentally friendly. Using our technologies will expand your business, increase your customer base and gain their trust to receive 100% original quality products. For further inquiry, request a quote. Get ready to work with award-winning technology and rise higher in the market.

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