Meeting the Challenges of Dairy Product Deliveries

India consumes 83 million metric tons of milk; plus, its production was suggested to be increased by 4% in 2020. This shows how profitable the dairy industry is and it is only going to increase in the future. However, shipping dairy products can be challenging as it requires a certain temperature to keep its quality intact. A study shows that 40% to 50% of India’s total annual milk production ends up getting wasted. This massively impacts consumers, businesses and the country’s economy. Here are some of the challenges and solutions of dairy product deliveries.

What are the challenges of delivering dairy products?
Delivering products successfully from point A to point B is the most complex process in cold chain management, for it creates various challenges, such as:

The loading-unloading process
During the loading-unloading process, the vehicle door opens multiple times, leading to temperature drops. This can further deteriorate the dairy products, making them unsafe for consumers.

Weather changes
Dairy products are delivered to different regions, states and countries. Deliveries from one state or country to another can naturally expose these products to different weather conditions. This can sometimes affect the temperature, and consequently, the products.

Tilting during transportation
Infrastructure and connectivity play a crucial role in cold chain management. Often, vehicles have to pass through bumpy roads, which can tilt the product and break the packaging, further spoiling other products in the boxes.

Improper packaging
If the dairy products are not packaged properly in the first place, they can spill out the contents, spoiling other products in the process. The deliveries have to go through uneven roads, making it worse for improper packaging.
These challenges can be overcome by using advanced technology and solutions.

What are TESSOL’s solutions to making dairy delivery efficient?
TESSOL, a leading company in cold chain management, provides some of the finest solutions and beats the competition. Here are our PCM-based solutions:

PlugNChill solutions have faster pull downtime, so temperature drops are recovered more quickly. Moreover, its PCM changes phase across specific temperatures and its batteries maintain the desired temperature for 10-12 hours, making it ideal for long deliveries.

SWAP-insulated carries and cartridges are made using rotomold technology, which gives it an airflow path, ensuring uniform performance across bags. This keeps the food frozen or cold till the last mile. Moreover, it can be easily sanitized, making it safer and more reliable.

TAMsys is a monitoring system that keeps track of the temperature and condition of the product. A minor difference can make the operator immediately alert the driver and prevent potential loss.

TESSOL proprietary solutions are advanced and specially designed to cater to the various temperature needs of dairy products. Our vehicle-independent solutions, insulated bags and boxes, and other solutions are ideal for short and long-distance deliveries. Moreover, they are sustainable and save the cost of investment and damage. For further information on our products and solutions, contact us.

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