Indiwrap – The Go-to Solution for Efficient Ice Cream Delivery

Ice cream deliveries can be demanding, for operators must ensure that its shape, quality, texture and taste remain intact until the last mile. The whole game is about temperature; any drops can make the solid ice cream softer, or worse, turn it into liquid before reaching the consumer. The primary reason for the drop can be traffic, weather, distance and less effective solutions. This is why TESSOL has introduced IndiWRAP for efficient ice cream delivery. Effective, profitable and reliable — this perfectly defines IndiWRAP. Read on to know more about this game-changing technology:

Why use IndiWRAP
IndiWRAP is the most beneficial and innovative solution that maintains the originality of ice cream by catering to its temperature needs till the last mile. It seamlessly keeps the ice cream solid and preserves its original shape, satisfying your customer. This also allows you to widen your customer base and enhance your brand in the market. Furthermore, it is non-toxic and non-inflammable, keeping the user and product safe. IndiWRAP can maintain an average temperature up to -11°C. This way, there is no chance for your ice cream to melt or drop its temperature.

Steps to use IndiWRAP
You don’t need to be a professional to use IndiWRAP. It can be done in four simple steps:

  1. Keep the IndiWRAP in the deep freezer to freeze it (before using)
  2. Tear the wrap as per the size of your ice cream box or cone and tape it
  3. Put it in a brown paper bag and tape it again to ensure air tightness

And it is ready to deliver! You can use IndiWRAP for a longer duration if combined with an insulated box or bag.

Things to know while using IndiWRAP
Check out a list of things you must know while using IndiWRAP:

  • Do not wrap it around the food directly; it should be wrapped around the primary packaging
  • In case of a leak in the pouch, remove it immediately from the product and put it in the sink
  • IndiWRAP contains non-toxic liquid; however, it is not for consumption
  • It can be used multiple times

Benefits of using IndiWRAP for ice cream delivery
IndiWRAP has massive benefits in store for you. Have a sneak peek of a few:

Maintains temperature and quality
IndiWRAP maintains an average temperature of up to -11°C and keeps the ice cream size, solidness and quality intact.

Increases delivery radius
IndiWRAP increases the delivery radius of your ice cream to 60+ minutes, allowing you to cover longer distances.

Reduces cost
IndiWRAP freezes in the same freezer as ice cream; hence, it doesn’t need additional insulation and can be used multiple times.

Easy to use
To use IndiWRAP, you just need to freeze, tear, wrap and deliver.

IndiWRAP is a perfect example of maximum ROI. This solution helps cut down on the cost of damage and investment as it successfully maintains the temperature of ice cream at -18°C and satisfies your customers’ needs and expectations. Connect with TESSOL to use such cost-effective and profitable solutions. This summer, we are making ice cream deliveries more efficient and effortless than ever.

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