Preserve Your Profits: How Tessol’s Solutions Saves You from the Financial Meltdown of Melted Ice Cream

Preserve Your Profits: How Tessol’s Solutions Save You From The Financial Meltdown of Melted Ice Cream

Nothing dampens the joy of a scoop of ice cream like watching it melt before your eyes. Melted ice cream isn’t just a letdown; it’s a financial loss. In this blog, we’ll explore the adverse effects that poor ice cream transportation has on your wallet, and how Tessol’s solutions come to the rescue by battling the unpredictable whims of fluctuating outdoor temperatures.

The Economics of Melted Ice Cream:

Ice cream, that creamy confectionary delight, is not just a treat; it’s a business. Whether you run an ice cream parlor, manage a cold chain logistics company, or are simply a lover of this frozen delicacy, melted ice cream hits where it hurts – your wallet. Here’s how:

Profit Meltdown: Melted ice cream translates to financial loss. As your product turns into a puddle, so do your profits.

Quality Compromise: Melted ice cream often means a compromise in quality. What was once a delightful indulgence becomes a watery disappointment, and customers may not return for a second serving.

Operational Hassles: Delivering melted ice cream can lead to operational headaches for logistics companies. Cleanup, customer complaints, and the cost of replacement can eat into your margins.

The Outdoor Temperature Conundrum:

One of the primary culprits behind melted ice cream is the ever-fluctuating outdoor temperature and transit time. Whether transporting ice cream from a production facility to a store or scooping it out for customers, you’re at the mercy of the elements.

Enter Tessol’s Solutions: A Financial Saver:

  1. Plug-n-Chill Vehicles: 

Tessol Plug-n-Chill vehicles are ideal for the local distribution of ice cream with multiple drops and door openings. These units are based on PCM technology and do not need power from the vehicle’s engine to maintain temperature. The refer unit can be charged for 5-6 hours and can then be used for 10 to 12 hours for Ice cream delivery. The Plug-n-Chill units are available for all sizes of vehicles.

  1. Specially Designed PCM (Phase Change Material):

-IndiWRAP employs a unique PCM that has been specifically engineered to maintain ice cream temperature during the last mile delivery while executing online or home delivery orders. These PCMs are available in pouches which can be frozen and used along with insulated covers like EPE pouches to get up to 1 hour retention at between -16 to -22 based on the requirement.

PCM pouches are also available in strings so that you may choose a solution for the last mile whether your product is a cone, brick or an ice cream tub.

our PCM is resilient, ensuring that your ice cream remains consistently frozen, regardless of unpredictable outdoor temperatures. These specially designed PCM acts as a temperature-stabilizing shield, providing a buffer against external thermal variations.

  1. Insulated boxes and Bags with PCM cartridges:

-Tessol recognizes that different ice cream products and transportation scenarios may require varying temperature ranges to maintain quality.

-That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of PCMs, each tailored to specific temperature requirements. Whether you’re transporting gelato, sorbet, or traditional ice cream, our PCMs can be customized to suit your needs.

-Tessol’s PCM cartridges with insulated boxes or delivery bags can be an ideal solution for small-load delivery of ice cream from distributor to stores or from stores to customers

  1. Versatile Sizes:

IndiWRAP, Cartridges, PCM pouches, Plug-n-Chill units, insulated boxes and bags are available in different sizes which can match the requirements of all types of ice cream deliveries.

-This versatility ensures that each ice cream package receives the necessary temperature protection, regardless of its size.

In summary, Tessol’s offers comprehensive solutions that address the financial concerns associated with melted ice cream during transportation. Its specialized PCM technology, Plug-n-Chill vehicles, insulated boxes, and bags available in versatile sizes, ensure that your ice cream stays frozen solid, regardless of the external temperature challenges faced during transit. 

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