How Do Pharma Deliveries Get Impacted During Monsoon?

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, the pharmaceutical sector was booming. But ever since the pandemic, the forecast reveals that India’s pharma sector is expected to grow 754% by 2060. While the number looks promising, the monsoon season is ready to pose challenges for pharma deliveries—and these challenges are likely to result in the wastage or expiration of medicine, causing a massive loss to the industry.

That’s why TESSOL is striving to persist against all challenges and mitigate the risk of wastage and expiration. Explore what challenges arise in pharma deliveries during monsoon and how TESSOL’s solutions deal with them.


Pharmaceutical products have an extremely short shelf life and must be kept between 2°C and 8°C. Any fluctuations in the temperature can make the medicines ineffective and even harmful. The rainy season is most challenging for pharma deliveries, considering India’s infrastructure and road connectivity. It enhances the chances of getting stuck in traffic, temperature fluctuations, meeting with accidents or vehicle breakdowns.

In addition, the medicines take three to six months to reach the chemist’s medicine chest. If the truck carrying the medicines is stuck in traffic and has to cover a longer distance, the product will be close to its expiry by the time it reaches the destination, and customers might refuse to take it. This results in massive wastage of the product.

Moreover, vaccines and medicines are transported across borders. Since the weather might not be the same everywhere, the external temperature difference during transportation can lead to the rise and fall of product temperatures, damaging the medication and making it ineffective. This results in a huge loss to the patients as well, for they don’t get the proper treatment and medicine, further worsening their health condition.


The pharmaceutical sector needs an advanced solution that fights against the challenging situation and delivers medicines safely till the last mile. TESSOL is a leading brand with technologies designed for vaccine storage, vaccine transport as well as temperature monitoring for interstate, intrastate and local delivery purposes. Let’s explore them in detail below.

TESSOL has introduced a PackNShip solution with Passive Cooled Boxes that use engineered Phase Change Materials (PCM), serving multi-purpose temperature requirements from 2°C to 8°C, and even as low as -20°C. The temperature lasts for a duration of 90+ hours, ensuring that the products reach their destination safely, even in case of traffic delays and vehicle breakdowns. In addition, the boxes are designed to ensure low costs with multiple use capability, thus reducing operating costs for the shipper.

Apart from the boxes, TESSOL’s PackNShip solution also uses Passive Cooled Bags that are ideal for vaccine transportation from the distribution centre to the hospitals or mobile clinics, as well as for bike deliveries to the pharmacies. These bags use engineered PCM to maintain a temperature of 2°C to 8°C, and even as low as -20°C, with retention time upto 12-14 hours. In addition, the bags are integrated with remote monitoring capability, to check on the temperature performance during deliveries.

To keep track of the temperatures of vaccines and other pharma products, TESSOL has introduced a wireless and battery-operated remote monitor that uses a phone as a hub for communicating with the cloud. This technology gathers location data from the phone of the user and stores data upto 20 days, enabling the distributor to keep track of the product location and temperature performance.


With TESSOL’s PackNShip solution, the efficacy of medicines is maintained and delivered safely to the end consumer. Hospitals and chemist shops are able to provide medicines to the needy on time and improve their service. Distributors, on the other hand, can avoid wastage of their product and reduce their operating costs in the process.

The pharma industry focuses on saving people’s lives. Therefore, it needs to be protected by monsoon challenges at every cost. Our solutions cater to the cold chain needs that make the shipping process efficient and reliable. Reach out to TESSOL and we’ll ensure the monsoon does not slow down your business.

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