Here’s how COVID 19 is impacting the cold chain logistics market

Unlike most developed countries, cold chain in India has been restricted to secondary and tertiary distribution segments – for movement of goods from factories to CFAs and from there to distributors. This meant that most of the last mile delivery was either done in ambient conditions or with unsafe, unsustainable solutions resulting in product spoilage and wastage.

Use of effective cold chain solutions was never considered a priority until COVID 19 hit us. As the country grapples with one of its greatest challenges of producing enough vaccines to inoculate every Indian, ensuring delivery of the same to every Indian without spoilage is a daunting challenge.

The lockdowns and restrictions that were imposed because of the pandemic also forced many businesses to revise their business models and switch to home delivery solutions. This too called for effective cold chain logistics solutions. The demand was further spiked by increasing consumer awareness and the need to comply with basic quality standards.

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