Food Innovation Cannot Happen Without Trusted Logistics Partners

The food industry has been increasingly innovating and ensuring that their users get fresh, quality and 100% original food at their doorstep. This involves a complex process such as operation, distribution, purchase and integration, which can be led by trusted logistics partners. From transportation to materials procurement, inventory management to ship tracking, your logistics partner will look after all functions from farm to fork. They will ensure that the food shipments are delivered on time and in their original state. But do you know that your logistics partners can be trusted? Here is how you can set guidelines for a seamless workflow:

Follow stringent guidelines
Be it national or international transportation, when you are delivering food, vaccines or any shipment from one place to another, you have to follow the rules laid down by the country. For instance, you have to register for multi-modal transport, provide a vehicle registration certificate, have a net worth of a minimum of five lakh rupees, authorise the rate of your goods, and conduct many other formalities.

Additionally, the rules change with the modes of transportation and an experienced logistics partner is aware of them. While shipping, they will ensure that all documents are ready and the transportation is done smoothly.

Implement high-end technology
Technologies have become the base of supply chain advancement. Delivering temperature-sensitive products is always a challenge for the supply chain. Here is where your trusted logistics partner changes the game. They provide high-end cold chain technology with impeccable temperature performance to fulfil various temperature needs. Food deliveries like meat, ice cream, confectionery, and others are temperature-controlled; any fluctuation during delivery can waste the food, alter the taste, and sometimes form bacteria on the product. High-end technologies that solve such temperature challenges are TESSOL’s carriers, cartridges, and freezers integrated with SWAP technology as well as PlugNChill’s thermal batteries and advanced phase change materials. These are TESSOL’s proprietary solutions that ensure temperature control till the last mile of delivery.

Monitor supply chain
During transportation, there can be multiple temperature drops or fluctuations, damaging the product. This can be due to weather change, the loading-unloading process, and the constant opening and closing of vehicle doors. However, with advanced technology, your logistics partner can track the product’s condition, take corrective action in an emergency, and prevent damage. One of the well-known asset monitoring systems is TAMsys – it provides real-time data and ensures effective delivery till the last mile.

Have trained resources
An advanced technology can’t function to its potential if the users aren’t highly trained. The trusted logistics partner will provide highly trained staff that is well-versed in using technology, adhering to guidelines, arranging documents, monitoring the process, and providing solutions during challenges. This ensures adequate cold chain delivery and customer satisfaction.
A trusted logistics partner will expand your business and enhance your customer base. To do that, they need to be on their toes and equipped with robust strategies and resources. Food innovation is a rapidly growing business and you don’t want to lag due to inefficient logistics partners. Request a quote with TESSOL and work with one of the leading companies in cold chain transportation.

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