Fighting Monsoon Challenges for Confectionery Food Delivery

Cold chain management constantly struggles with food delivery, especially when sensitive food items are involved. For example, confectionery food items consist of temperature-sensitive ingredients like milk, butter, fruits, sugar, etc., and delivering these products during the monsoon season can be challenging. The extreme weather leads to massive temperature fluctuations that directly affect the food quality. To deal with this issue, TESSOL has introduced advanced solutions that withstand monsoon challenges and maintain the quality of confectionery items. Explore the various challenges that arise in monsoon for confectionery food deliveries and how our solutions mitigate them.


Confectionery items need to be kept in a temperature-controlled environment. Otherwise, they will start spoiling rapidly. Generally, sweets require a chilled temperature of 5℃ to 8℃. During monsoon, it becomes all the more important to track temperature and food conditions because the moisture in the air increases due to the rise in humidity, and microbes and fungi multiply profusely, spoiling the food.

In addition, the products may have multiple delivery points, and with the loading and unloading process and transport in different regions that may have different weather conditions, it only worsens the situation for cold chain delivery. Under such conditions, if packaging breaks or the temperature suddenly drops or spikes, the sweets will immediately start melting and developing fungi. The rainy weather will only speed up the process. This results in massive food wastage and loss of business.


Confectionery food items demand top temperature controlling solutions that would maintain the colour, texture, solidness, taste and quality of the food until the last mile. Let’s explore how TESSOL tackles these problems.

TESSOL’s PlugNChill technology consists of advanced Phase Change Materials (PCM) that changes the temperature as per the products’ requirements. Thus, it maintains the temperature within the required range at all times even with multiple deliveries.

In addition, TESSOL’s proprietary SWAP solutions offer insulated and easily sanitised cartridges and boxes that maintain the optimum temperature until the last mile. Since the chances of spreading germs and infections are high during monsoon, the sanitised cartridges become the ultimate choice as it eliminates the chances of the spread of germs, making the customer feel safe and your brand more reliable.

Last but not the least, TESSOL’s asset monitoring system TAMsys allows you to constantly track the temperature of the products and know about their condition in real time. This enables shippers to enforce damage control by taking proactive actions and providing quick solutions.


TESSOL has substantially minimised the challenge of maintaining temperature and food wastage. Our solutions have reduced operating costs by 15-20% as compared to using a diesel-based reefer and the customers are happy with the brand service, as they receive their favourite foods at the best quality.

TESSOL understands how the monsoon season doubles the challenges for cold chain supplies, and so, we provide the finest technologies designed to maintain temperatures under the toughest of conditions. Contact us if you wish to surpass the expectations of your customers this monsoon.

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