Cold chain for intercity transportation

When you speak of intercity transportation, you must keep in mind the drop-off distance and solutions to ensure that the deliveries are spot on. 


The most common products for cold chain intercity distribution are dairy, fruits, and vegetables. These items, being perishables and have a fixed shelf life, need extra attention when being transported from place A to B. 


Before we introduce our solutions, let’s take a look at the common problems in the industry today. With most consignments being shipped by reefer trucks, the cost of each shipment increases drastically if you take into account fuel costs and engine usage. Another point to consider is, Indian ambient temperature and external factors such as traffic, unforeseen delays and so on. 


When we speak of transportation of dairy, meat and perishables, the above hindrances cannot come into play. If the above delays do happen, there can be room for food wastage which as discussed multiple times before, is the number one reason for the emission of GHGs into the atmosphere. 


We provide intercity transport from warehouses to CFAs. For intercity transport, Tessol has a number of secondary and tertiary solutions. Let’s take a look at them. 


From factories to CFA, our nova chill and blow chill and plug n chill trucks are ideal for transportation. These trucks have the ability to maintain temperatures of up to -250 to +250 degrees Celsius and are run on PCM technology. How it works is, a compressor is placed on top of the truck, which charges the PCM cartridges placed inside the compartment of the truck. 


This compressor then charges the PCM and the consignment is ready to be onboarded. These eutectic vehicles are ideal for deliveries to be made within 12 to 14 hours with multiple drops. They ensure 100% product safety with the rapid pull-down of temperature after every drop. Our solutions also ensure reduced cost of ownership, with up to 60% saving in fuel costs, as our solutions are engine and fuel independent. We also add to sustainability in the cold chain as on average, our solutions save up to 1500 liters of diesel! 


Along with this, Tessol also provides remote monitoring solutions, which help maintain the temperature at every point in delivery. This is extremely important, especially when it comes to temperature-sensitive items as external factors can get in the way. These factors being external ambient temperature, engine failure, or traffic. With our real-time monitoring units, you can be rest assured that any changes or drops in temperature will be picked up and can be rectified immediately.


With all these solutions, be rest assured that with Tessol, your deliveries will be safe, no compromise to the quality and reliable. We have worked with a number of clients in this sector, and have successfully delivered shipments on time! For more information, visit 

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